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HTC to lay off 1,500 (22% of its) workers

Due to fall in market share, sales and revenue, HTC have decided to stay alive the hard way — sending a sizeable number of workers home.

The employee lay off will be made at the company’s manufacturing plan located in Taiwan and the OEM is looking to remove 22% of its total staff from its payroll. This will see the number of staff the company has reduce from 6,450 to 4,950.

Reuters reports that the move is part of a broader plan aimed to bring the smartphone and VR business of HTC under a single leadership.

“This plan will allow more effective and flexible resource management going forward”

HTC have officially announced the plans to lay off 1500 workers and it is expected that by the end of September, the lay off process should have been completed.

From sales and shipping stats and numbers released over the years, it is evident that HTC is struggling to keep up with the pace, rivalry and fierce competition in the smartphone scene. Hence, the sack of workers.