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Lawsuit: Airtel Nigeria could pay 5 million Naira in damages if found guilty

Some trouble seems to be lurking in the passages of Airtel Nigeria right now as they could be taken for as much as #5 million if a claim that was just recently submitted by a user of the network is verified to stand in a court of law.

According to the complainant, who was simply identified as Niyi Bada, the network is guilty of deducting unnecessary charges from his account. This, he complained, has been done for no less than two years now.

The claim, which was submitted through the client’s law firm. also confirmed that the complainant has been at the telecoms company’s head office multiple times to lodge complaints, and ask that the services which lead to deductions be discontinued, but all to no avail.

That is why he has resorted to this measure. Quite frankly, this would serve as a beacon of hope to many Nigerians who have given up in their quest to see telecoms providers stop exploitation in this form.

A part of the letter sent through his solicitors, Niyi Bada and Co., to the  telecoms operator reads

Our client informed us that in the last two years, his line that he bought in 2003 and which he has put into use ever since, has been inundated with numerous text messages informing him about his subscription to numerous services some of which are Video Magic Weekly, Mini start service, VID service, Fashion weekly, 2 VID  service, 10 Vid Service, VOD, 828, 1 Subscription service, Goool Club, N – Express Fashion Service, Smart Now, Hollywood Club and Music Club.

The letter went on to state that anytime the client – Niyi Bada, that is – went to make a complaint, the services would be deactivated only for them to show up a few days after that again. As such, the letter continues that

It would appear that your company has a policy to fleece subscribers of their hard-earned money hence the decision to always restore the unsolicited even when there were formal and persistent complaints to take them off.

With this, it does look like the man has a case against the network. We will let you know how the story goes as soon as we get anything else.