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Coping with the Post-COVID-19 Academic Rush: Tips for Students

Coping with the Post-COVID-19 Academic Rush

It is very likely that due to the covid-19 pandemic, schools – universities, secondary schools, primary schools on resumption will want to rush through their curriculums and syllabus and this might mean putting pressure on students to be able to meet up with lost time. Of course, they are likely to do this with some level of consideration but still, the rush will be there. There is need for every student to be ready to handle the situation effectively. Probably you are already resuming, or your resumption date has been slated and you are thinking of how you are going to cope with the likely academic rush considering the pressure that might come due to the time lost to lockdown due to covid-19. These are some of the tips or student strategies to cope with the post-COVID academic rush which you can apply to help you cope favorably well and still achieve success.

Schools have been closed down in most countries for more than six months. You can imagine the load of academic work that has been put off for a long time, so it is only reasonable that these schools’ administration finds a way around it while still considering the fact that students’ ability to cope will need to be well considered.

1. Mental preparation

Students must be prepared in their minds. They must have their minds prepared that they are going to be rushed and under some sort of unusual pressure for the time being so as to meet up with lost time due to the covid-19 pandemic. Mental preparation is very important in this case, every student must have it at the back of his or her mind and this is going to help them be ready to brace up for whatever policy or strategy the schools may want to use in meeting up. So for you as a student, prepare your mind for anything, think of all the pressures that might be coming your way and begin to prepare your mind towards that so that should in case the pressure is not up to that, you will be good to go and if it is as much as you imagined, you will still be ready.

In addition, students must also be mentally prepared for the kind of social new normal that may be taking place in their school environment. If you are a student, you should adjust your mind to the social distancing, use of masks, washing of hands, and all the likely regulations that may be put in place as safety measures. The level of interaction might not be as usual so there must be mental preparation for this as well so that the student will not be disturbed by the alteration in the normal that they are used to.

2. Lesson teachers

For pupils and students in high schools, one thing that will be very helpful is if the students or pupils can implore their parents to get them lesson teachers so that they can be helped because the truth is that lot of topics have been missed out in the curriculum and in the bid of teachers to cover up topics, even if they are going to teach the topics the classroom, it is likely that they may not be able to touch on all these topics as they ought due to the insufficiency of time and this will not be very helpful for the students or  pupils. It is therefore important that parents get lesson teachers for their wards to put them through, and they should ensure that their wards pay good attention to all these lessons.

3. Tutorials

For students in higher institution, it is a good idea if you can get a tutorial center or a place where tutorials are being done for students offering your courses. The likelihood is that the moment you resume just some weeks or some days you might have to write examinations, so it is better to go to school, resume on time and then begin to attend as many tutorials as you can so that you can catch up with all the topics that you ought to catch up with. This is very important as you don’t have all the time. Immediately you get the information as regards your resumption or examination ensure that you resume as early as possible and attend tutorials. If there are no tutorials that you can attend, find ways to organize tutorials for yourself and other interested students, find ways to get good and brilliant senior students to handle the tutorials. This is very important as it is a good way to quickly meet up.

4. More study, less distractions

Due to the fact that you will have a lot of academic works coming on your hands in the coming weeks and months, you will definitely have to be ready to give more time to your studies. You need to up your game of studying, if you’ve been studying averagely before, then you have to increase your study hours, you have to study more and put in more effort, probably double your effort in handling your studies.

That might mean you have to cut down on a lot of distractions, excesses and frivolities because you don’t have so much time on your hands like before. This time around it is likely to be about the survival of the fittest, make sure that you are one of those who show themselves to be fit. This could be a good stretching time for you if you make the best use of it, as it may not be easy trying to meet up with all the academic works which may be coming your way but if you are able to go through it well with endurance, perseverance and hard work, that means you allow it to stretch you and you will be the better for it.

5. Technology

Students can take advantage of the internet to help themselves so as to quickly and properly grasp concepts, do assignments or do researches. They could even read up articles that can help them do better academically.

6. YouTube.com

Teachers, lecturers may not have all the time to cover every topic the way they ought to, getting the concepts well understood may demand that you have to put more effort into your personal study. The YouTube is there, you can go on YouTube.com and check videos on topics and concepts that you do not understand, go through the videos, learn and make sure that you get the concepts so that when exams come around you will be able to perform well.

7. Health

Very importantly, it is important that you do not allow the pressure and rush that might likely come to make you neglect your health or get too stressed. Ensure that in the midst of everything, that you are conscious of keeping healthy and fine.

Also, ensure to comply with all the covid-19 regulations, don’t despise the policies put in place to ensure safety. Do all that you can to keep safe and try to encourage others to keep safe too. You likely don’t want to contract the virus before admitting that it is real.