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5 Reasons why you should never Skip Android Updates on your Device

It’s no secret – we all get annoyed by frequent Android updates on our devices. We can all admit that we’ve skipped a system update before or at least postponed it for a week, which turned into two weeks, and so on. However, giving a miss to Android updates is not in any way a smart move. It might seem like you’re saving yourself a minute by clicking that “postpone” button but you’re not doing yourself a favor.

Android updates are there because our devices need them. Hackers and other cybercriminals are always working on improving their shady methods and finding holes in our security system. They often succeed at this mission and cause numerous data breaches and other incidents worldwide.

However, system developers are working at the same time to patch up these holes and fix bugs that might be causing us issues. While they’re putting so much effort in securing our devices, we refuse the help by skipping Android updates. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss an update ever again!

Skipping Updates Leaves Your Device Vulnerable

Updates are not only there to deliver new icons and fancy wallpapers to your device. They have an essential purpose in the overall function of the Android system.

Each update improves the system by fixing known vulnerabilities that hackers might be able to track down. If you skip the next update, your device will remain unprotected, becoming vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Updates Are Easy to Install

Constant notifications about new available updates might be annoying, but once you give that update an approval, the installation will be over before you know it. It’s not like we have to visit a specific site, crack a code and write a three-page essay to get our devices updated. On the contrary, these updates come to us. They’re basically in front of our doors, waiting for us to let them inside.

All you have to do is approve an update, and the device will do the rest on its own. Plus, you can even turn on the auto-update feature. Your phone will update itself at a set time – usually during the night when you’re not using it anyway. Why skip an important update when you can get it over within a minute or two?

Your Device Will Perform Better

Besides improving security, updates fix bugs that slow your device down. If you notice your Android device lagging too often, you’ve probably missed a few updates.

Taking a moment to update your device will make it run smoother. You will no longer have to deal with poor performance or frequent app crashes. Just give the device some time to install an update, and it will perform much better.

You might even notice improvements in the speed of your internet connection, which comes in handy if you’re using a virtual private network application for Android.

You Paid for Them

Would you ever buy something and let it sit somewhere without ever using it again? Probably not, right? So, why should you do the same with Android updates?

When you bought the device, you also paid for a lifetime of system updates from the manufacturer. Skipping them means you’re throwing away something you’ve paid for.

Therefore, instead of giving them a miss, make use of these updates and let them keep your device in optimal health.

Android Updates

Updates Bring New Features

Improved security and faster performance are not the only benefits that come with Android updates. We’ve talked a lot about security here, but updating your device gives you new features as well.  These range from new apps and widgets to improved display structures, new fonts, and themes, as well as numerous other applications. Updates often change the appearance of certain apps or locations on your phone.


These were the five most important reasons why you should never skip on a new Android update again. These updates aren’t only made to improve the performance and appearance of the system.

They carry essential changes in the security wall that keeps your data and accounts protected by malware and potential cyber attacks. Let us know in the comments below if you have the bad habit of missing updates! We hope our list of reasons to stop skipping Android updates has made you reconsider it!