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Facebook is changing the way they rank comments

From last month, Facebook has been touting some major overhauls for what is the largest social media platform on the internet right now, and it seems we are getting to see some of these changes already.

Comments on the social media network have always been ranked to an extent, but they are bringing in new measures to improve the kind of comments users see.

The first change will be directed at negative comments which will be taken off from showing. As to how they decide which comments are negative, that will be based on the interaction of others with such a comment.

Speaking of interaction, Facebook also plans to make sure only comments that get responses will be shown as prominent over the others.

This will only be applicable on busy pages (such as pages belonging to brands, celebs, superstars, etc).

To put that in context, a comment on Lebron James’ page, for example, which gets no reply from the big man himself, will not be featured in the comments section over one that did get a reply.

For now, Facebook is not revealing how the algorithm will work or what else they have in plan for us. We believe that is to prevent people from gaming the system, but we are loving what they are doing anyways.