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Reasons why CRM is popular in Sales (Infographic)

Did you know that the CRM software industry is one of the biggest in the world? And the trend is said to continue in the future as well.  By 2025, revenues generated due to CRM is expected to exceed 80 billion dollars!

What is a CRM? CRM refers to a wide array of tools and strategies that help manage customer interaction with your brand. It enables you to identify and analyze various customer metrics throughout a customer’s lifecycle with your organization.

Regardless of whether you are a B2B organization or a B2C firm, managing customer relationship is crucial for the success of the business. While many tend to think that CRM is only applicable to the marketing function, the fact is that it is essential in the world of sales as well.

Sales force and CRM

The same features that allow CRM to play a role in building a strong brand also help in managing the sales process of an organization.

Just like developing a product and marketing it effectively is essential, the same holds for sales as well. After all, if your sales force isn’t able to make your product available to the masses and ensure repeat purchase, your investment in other functions will go futile.

What does CRM do for the Sales force?

Well, it helps in managing, controlling and monitoring the entire sales process. This starts with sales and operations planning and ends with closing a deal. The sales process has various time-consuming tasks.

CRM works to automate it all, thereby reducing the time spent on the technicalities of it all. Moreover, CRM allows you to integrate your customer data across various platforms and application, thus making it easy for your sales force to get hold of it. As a sales manager, the same tool can also be used to monitor performance and call frequency of each salesperson.

Here is an infographic from Salesmate that delves into why your salesforce needs CRM to flourish.

Reasons why CRM is popular in Sales (Infographic)