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Simoptions: The Marketplace to Buy Local Prepaid Sim for Traveling Around the World

Traveling is a great way not only to explore new places, food, and culture but also to know yourself better. But while you are traveling, you should still be able to be connected to your friends and family. With the expensive international roaming charges, it is nearly impossible to do so without paying a large amount of money. So the only options that you are left with are to depend on free Wi-Fi, purchase a local SIM card or a pocket Wi-Fi. Depending on where you are traveling, you can purchase a global or regional sim card such as Europe data sim card.

Which One to Choose?

First of all, you need to identify your needs and select the most suitable method for your internet connectivity. All the options have their pros and cons.

Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is the cheapest because it is free. All have to do is know where you can get free Wi-Fi and you are connected to the internet. However, this has serious limitations because you are connected to the internet only for the time that you spend in the free Wi-Fi zone. Additionally, there may not be enough free Wi-Fi zones, and their speed may not be good. In which case you are in a foreign place without any access to the internet and the various applications which can help make your trip easier.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Then you have the option to purchase a pocket Wi-Fi which would allow you to be connected to the internet throughout your trip. Buying it from a reliable company would ensure that you get good prices. The drawback to this option is that even though you are connected to the internet, you would not be able to make phone calls or send SMS. This is a serious problem if you are at some place where the internet connectivity is negligible and your only option has to resort to phone calls.

Sim Card

Lastly, you have the option to purchase a local travel sim card. This would ensure that you get internet connectivity as well as the ability to make phone calls and send SMS. These overcome the limitations of the previous two options. You can also get an international sim card if you are planning on visiting more than one country. It would allow you to travel across the countries seamlessly without having to worry about roaming charges. For example, if you are planning to visit several countries in Europe, you can opt for Europe data sim card, which would be valid in all of the countries that you plan on going.

Tips to Remember While Choosing a Sim Card for Tourist

Before choosing a SIM card for your trip abroad, you should first start with identifying your needs in terms of the data and call minutes that you might use. This would help you to understand the type of plan which you should get. Then you should look for the best sim card provider for tourists in the country that you would be traveling to. This would not only allow you to get the best prices but also a reliable customer support system in case you face any problem with your sim card.

Leading Tourist Sim Card Provider

One of the best sim card providers for traveling globally is SimOptions. They provide local sim cards for numerous countries as well as regional Asia, Oceania as well as Europe data sim card. They act as a marketplace where you can buy the local sim cards for 48 European countries. They have the best sim card for Europe with data plans.

The plans start from as low as 29.90 USD in which you would get 5 GB of internet connection, 3,000 calling minutes and 2,000 SMS within Europe and a credit validity of 30 days. Another variant of this plan includes 12 GB of internet connection at 39.90 USD. Additional you can also take global plans well you would get similar inexpensive rates. These prices are only 5% of what you would have to pay if you were using international roaming.

Purchasing the Tourist Sim Cards

Once you have selected the plan that you want to purchase, all you have to do is fill in your personal and billing details and proceed to pay for it via PayPal, Alipay, debit or credit card.

Then the SIM card would be shipped to the address that you provided which can be of your home, office or directly the hotel that you would be staying at.

The SIM card will be provided in three sizes, standard, micro, and nano, and will be compatible with all unlocked mobile phones and portable Wi-Fi. In addition to the SIM cards, you can also purchase other travel accessories such as travel adapters, car chargers, and Power Banks.