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Why You Should Start a Blog While in School

How to Start a Blog While in School

Probably you have been considering some things you can do as a student maybe just for fun or for another reason. And perhaps you’ve been considering blogging. How good and viable is blogging for you as a student in college or in university? Well, just to serve as an encouragement for you to engage in blogging as a student, there are a number of advantages that you can gain by blogging as a student while you’re still in school. It is good that as a student even if you’d have a distraction, it should be a good one. You probably have had this vague idea about blogging that it’s probably for some kind of people or you don’t think you can do it well as a student, you can just read out this article on why you should start a blog while in school and get some points to encourage you more.

If you are really going to be committed to blogging as a student of course it will demand its own time and effort plus energy as well, but you can meet up by committing yourself to it while balancing the whole thing with your studies. You might have been wondering how you can combine everything, but it is possible to do that. Why is it even good that you start blogging right from when you are still in school? What are the benefits attached and what difference can it make?

Showcasing what you’re learning

One of the reasons why you should start blogging as a student is to use it as a way of showcasing what you are studying in school and showcasing the skills that you are acquiring in college or university. You know you can use it as a platform to discuss topics and concepts that you are studying in school and when you keep putting up content on your course of study or the concepts that you are learning, then people will know you for that and then you can somehow somewhat be connected with people who will need your help in one way or the other and like that you are building a reputation for yourself in that field or in that line. You can just regularly puts up contents that are relevant in line of your study and then that will serve as a way of you catching up with what you are learning and also you are somehow showcasing your skills and what you are studying to a larger audience.

Improving your creativity

One good and very important reason why you should start blogging as a student is because it serves to improve your creative prowess. You will be pushed to develop more creativity for your blog, you know, to make it interesting, to make people come to read more, you will begin to look for new ways of catching the attention of your audience on the blog and this will continue to expand your scope of creativity. You know if you are not doing something that will push you to look for new ways and new strategies of accomplishing results, then you might just be complacent but when you have something like a blog that you are keeping up with regularly, it can make you seek and think out new ways of getting to your audience and that will be boosting your creativity.

Knowledge transfer

Starting a blog when you are a student is a good way of passing your knowledge across to other people. Of course you are a student, still learning at a particular level, maybe not even the final level but at whatever level you are learning, it is likely that you have juniors below you or people who do not know as much as you know in your field, you can find a way to pass on knowledge to them through your blog. If people are seeking answers to some things in line with what you’re putting up on your blog, and they stumble on your blog, make it so that they can get some answers, your content might be beneficial to them.

Be ready to take questions there after they’ve read your articles and also be ready to answer the questions. And you know this could also help you to have more interaction with the concepts in your course and then to also have better grasp of what you are studying. So you don’t need to know everything before you start saying something about a particular concept. Talk about what you know already, pass on the knowledge that you have already and as you continue to learn more continue to also teach more.

It may not even be something academic, it might just be something you think you have better ideas about which you think could be helpful to people out there and you want to share. A blog is a platform to also transfer such knowledge that you have to help other people.


One very good benefit of starting a blog while you are a student is that it will help you to begin to know how to express yourself better. Your communication skills will increase because you are doing this often and often so that the more you put up contents on your blog and then you try to improve on it, you probably study more on how to communicate better with your blog audience and how to make people like what you are putting up and come for more and you are putting all those things into action, that way you are already increasing your communication skills and your level of self-expressing yourself.

For other students

If you are a student and you are putting up content about things you are facing as a student, how you’re handling your studies your course works or how you are coping with the campus life or some experiences that you’ve had, maybe the good ones and the bad ones too. You know, putting up those kind of personal content, other students who get to your blog can read up and they can relate, they know that they are not the only one in such shoes as to whatever they are experiencing as students. Somehow you are helping others to to find a voice to what they are going through and to have something they can relate with which can be of help to them. So don’t be deterred from sharing your experiences as a student and how you are coping, good ones and bad ones put them all up there and let other students benefit from your wealth of experience as a college or university student.


Another very interesting part of this whole blogging thing is that it can even be monetized eventually. You know you don’t have to start with the mind that you want to monetize it immediately, you should first try to build a good blog with quality content, helping people and expressing yourself, make your blog as interesting as possible and then drive traffic to your blog through your content and probably some other means of driving traffic, so as to monetize it. You could really begin to earn from your blog as a student, just imagine how that can also go to a cushion the financial burdens in school.

If you really want to do the blog thing as a big thing and you want to monetize it well, then you will need a lot of commitment and if you think you need to take a course or have someone to mentor you very well to be able to quickly get your bearing then you should do that. You can also read up on how to blog well online. If you really want to blog as a student, it’s a good way to go.