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Useful Tips to End Wrong Friendships/Relationships

Tips to End Wrong Friendships/Relationships

Friends and relationships happen to be a big part of our lives, there are many ways in which friends can add value and make life much beautiful and fun. Sometimes friends are the ones we lean on when there are challenges or issues we have to battle with, connections through friendships can even bring about great achievement and success in life, therefore the importance of friendship cannot be underestimated. But friendship can also become toxic, when you begin to feel inconvenient or uncomfortable with a kind of friendship or you are not flowing well with a particular person for some serious reason, you need to consider if you still want to be friends with them. As important as it is to keep the right relationship and maintain good friendships/relationships, it is also important to find a way of doing away with the wrong kind of friends because it is possible for the influence of a wrong friend to impact negatively. This article – ‘end the wrong friendships/relationships with these strategies’ could be of help.

There can be issues in friendship and you can have some kind of friction but that does not mean that you should just end any kind of friendship because of slight issues, there are issues that can be sorted out and things can be put together but it is up to you to know when you need to put an end to your relationship with a particular person, don’t just make an emotional decision at a time that you are maybe angry or upset but think it through very well and ensure that it is in your best interest to the wrong friendship. If you try to manage, patch or just to keep a wrong friendship or relationship then you might be doing yourself more harm than good, it is best to put away the wrong kind of people from your life. It is better to surround yourself with the kind of people that can move you forward and help you to become the best you can.

Evaluate properly

It is important that you evaluate the pros and cons of the friendship. What are the things you stand to gain if you keep the friendship and what are the things you stand to lose? In case you break up the friendship what are the advantages and disadvantages of that as well, is it worth it to stop being friends with the person considering the values gained? If it is something that you can work on or endure for the sake of the value you are getting then you may, but the important thing is just to be very sure that you’re not making a foolish decision by trying to end a friendship. Consider the situation very well and critically before taking any step, if possible, you can talk with someone about it so that you can have a better view of what is really happening in the friendship. You should be sure that you’re not the one in in the wrong, if after evaluation you discover that you are the one in the wrong then instead of ending the friendship it is better to just make amends and make it work. Also, you don’t want to do something that you will regret you did.

Gradually reduce contact

Try to begin reducing the communication between you both gradually, you may not want it to be drastic so as not to make it too obvious to people or not to make it hurt too much but what you do is you can reduce the communication and contact between both of you gradually. This will likely work better if it is mutual that you both want to end the friendship. In case the other person does not have the same mind of ending the friendship, but you want to, you can just try to reduce the contact and communication as gradually as possible and if he or she asks you why, then it’s better to talk about it.

Get a new environment

Sometimes it may be better to relocate and find a new environment where you will have less contact with the friend or friends that you want to cut off from. It goes without saying that out of mind is out of sight, so if you’re not seeing them and they’re not seeing you, the probability is there that the rate at which you communicate, have contact, walk or work together will reduce and by that you can deliberately reduce contact as much as possible. Well, you might try to apply this measure only when it is necessary. It will be easier to end a friendship which you really want to end when you are both apart than when you have frequent contacts or get to see each other often.

Tell the other party

In this case you may have to sit the person down and discuss with him or her, you tell the person that you can no longer be friends with them, giving him/her the reason. It may take a lot of courage from you but if it’s something you have to do you got to do it, make it clear why you are ending the friendship and why it is in the interest of both of you to stop being friends together, probably at least for the meantime, before declaring that it is over between you both, you have to be really sure that you want to end the friendship.

Talk over it

It is important to talk it over with the other person first before attempting to withdraw from the friendship, so that you can have a good conversation that can be possibly, this is especially important if there are unresolved issues that have prompted you to want to end the relationship, not that the other person is practically bad. The conversation could prove productive and probably you might not need to end the friendship again. If there has been some misunderstanding and bypassing, you can settle it in the process of the discussion. You should try to make sure that this conversation is a physical one, not virtual and be ready to listen to the other party, don’t just go there with just your own accusations and complaints about why you think the friendship is not helpful or working, rather, also allow the other party to speak so that you can reach a good conclusion. In the instance that you need to have a break from the relationship or from the friendship then you should do just what is best for you.

Choose friends wisely

More importantly you should ensure that before making anyone a close friend or allowing anyone into your close circle of friends, you take time to really be sure that you want to be friends with them. It is better not to have been friends at all than to be friends and then trying to cut off. Therefore, be sure that you are ready to be friends with the person before really committing yourself to a very close friendship with them. It is better to have a few good, loyal and value-adding friends than to have a lot of friends that you cannot trust or that are rubbing off on you negatively.

People should not be used like items and dumped, but there are times when a relationship or friendship is rubbing off on you in a very negative way and you think the best is to just put it on hold for a while or to end it completely and what you need to do is to really evaluate things, be sure that you are ready to put it on hold you have to do what is best for you. If the friendship is not a good one for you, then you should find a way to end it regardless of how the other person will feel or even how you might feel at first.