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18 Best Colleges to Study Project Management in the World

18 Best Colleges to Study Project Management in the World

Companies and organizations are shifting tides toward projected focus in order to obtain greater results and increase the success rates for projects. As businesses span the globe, it becomes necessary now, more than ever to link strategy to projects through professional project management practices in order to obtain greater results.

Are you asking yourself if you should embark on the ever in demand career path, project management? If so, then you would be in search for colleges that offer degrees in this career path. Not just any college but the best.

Before going ahead to explore the list of the best project management colleges in the world, it is best you find out if you are fit for a career in project management and why you should consider getting a project management certificate.

There are many ways to learn project management. There are options of online courses that are very affordable and time friendly. However, here is a list of courses you can opt for from the Best Project Management Universities in the world.

1. MIT Sloan School of Management: – This college offers project management at undergraduate levels under management science discipline.

2. UC Berkeley: – Offers certificate program in project management with no prerequisite while a bachelor’s degree gets preference. However, there are other courses under business Administration which cover project management, agile methodologies, program management tools, in addition to other topics of project management, software project management and advanced project management.

3. Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey: This offers graduate certificates in project management which is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management.

4. University of California, Los Angeles: Offers a 24-unit project management certificate by UCLA extension. It has a fundamental of project management course accredited by many bodies.

5. Boston University: Project management at masters’ level is offered at Boston University. A regular option and another one with IT focus. Both forms are accredited by PMI.

6. Southern New Hampshire University: Project management is offered along with operations management at undergraduate level on campus. It is offered under business studies in operations and project management, and as an online course under operations management.

7. Baylor University: Undergraduate Major in Management Information system, though not offered to pre-business students.

8. University of Pennsylvania: The Penn State world campus offers the project management certificate as a 12-credit course which also counts for a master’s degree in project management. This also counts for the business administration course.

9. George Washington University: this university offers a master’s degree in project management and a Master of Business Administration focusing on project management.

10. Purdue College of Technology: they offer a master’s program with a blend of project management and the IT sector.

11. Villanova University: It has certificate programs and offers them in project management both advanced, agile and other aspects of project management. It is suitable for mid-level managers and project managers. But beginners can also benefit from it.

12. Roosevelt University: Offers 3 credit courses in project management both at undergraduate and graduate level. These programs are available under business administration, software project management and construction management.

13. Walden University: this university offers master’s, MBA and bachelor’s programs in project management. The university is based in Minnesota and forms part of the Laureate International University.

14. University of Idaho: It offers project management under management of human resources, operations management, horticulture and urban management at undergraduate level.

15. De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois: Offers a Master of Science degree in IT project management. 

16. New York University, School of Professional Studies: It offers a Master of Science degree in project management in addition to twenty diploma courses including basic and advanced courses. It also offers legal project management, healthcare and construction.

17. North Carolina State University, Raleigh: Offers 3 foundational courses plus 2 elective seminars, which can result in a project management certificate.

18. Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH: Project certificate through Xavier’s Leadership Center which is certified by the Project Management Institute.

Project management certificates are recognized around the world. If you intend getting a degree in the field, it is an advantage to get the degree from the best colleges. Some of these colleges have high tuition fees, while others are moderately expensive. You should take time to span your options and see which of these schools offer scholarships, just in case you can’t afford the luxury of paying high tuition fees.