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30 Civil Engineering Research Paper – Project Topics

Civil Engineering Research Paper or Project Topics

Civil engineering is the design and fabrication of structures for improving the way we live and work and for enabling rapid, safe and high-volume transportation. Examples include building roads, railways, bridges, canals, skyscrapers, and factories.

There are 15 Top Innovative Research Project Topics in Civil Engineering

S/N Civil Engineering Project Topics
1. Study of Smart Sensor Networks and Health Monitoring Systems for Civil Infrastructures in Lagos
2. Entropy theory and its application in environmental
3. Strategies for engineering water-stress tolerance in plants
4. The history and development of acoustic emission in concrete engineering
5. Engineering heterogeneous semiconductors for solar water splitting
6. Solar thermal engineering: space heating and hot water systems
7. Transport engineering economics
8. Nanoparticle engineering processes for enhancing the dissolution rates of poorly water-soluble drugs
9. An engineering-economic model of pipeline transport of CO2 with application to carbon capture and storage
10. Engineering behavior of cement stabilized clay at high water content
11. Advances in hole transport materials engineering for stable and efficient perovskite solar cells
12. Water-quality engineering in natural systems: fate and transport processes in the water environment
13. Engineering biocatalytic systems in organic media with low water content
14. Seismic reflection methods applied to engineering, environmental, and ground-water problems
15. Computational fluid dynamics modeling of steady‐state momentum and mass transport in a bioreactor for cartilage tissue engineering
16. Developing an Efficient Model Surrogates for Water Resources and Subsurface Contaminant Management
17. Study on Seismic Bearing Capacity of Foundations and Seismic Earth Pressures of Lagos Island
18. How Remote Sensing for Irrigation Water Allocations can be applied to Nigerian Waterside cities
19. Documentary on How Bridges are built, in Underdeveloped Cities
20. Using Data Analysis to Digitally Represent the Limitations of Masonry Structures
21. Analyzing how the Pyramids were built
22. Seismic Bearing Capacity of Foundations and Seismic Earth Pressures: A Case Study of Lagos Island
23. Design of Efficient Surface Aerators for Wastewater Treatment for Mainland Lagos
24. Study of the Fracture Behavior of Cement Surfaces
25. Theoretical Project Design: Design of a Cement Floored Football Field in Northern Nigeria
26. Theoretical Project Design: Overhead Bridge City Plan for Benin-City (Any City Little to no Overhead Road Bridge)
27. Theoretical Project Design: Highway City Plan for Owerri (Any City Little to no Highways)
28. Theoretical Project Design: Designing an Effective Water Drainage System for Lagos Island (Lekki)
29. Study of Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Concrete Roads vs Tar Roads
30. Role of Osmotic Suction in Volume Change Behavior of Expansive Clays in Nigerian Water Side Cities

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