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8 Great Tips to Build Your Potentials

Tips to Build Your Potentials

Progress has to be a continuous thing in life. it is very important for you to build your potentials, you don’t have to remain in one position all the time, in every individual there are talents that are resident, there are potentials in you and you must be able to identify them and build them. If you just know that you are talented in one area of the other and you are not building yourself up to be the best you can be, then you will be cheating yourself and others who are supposed to benefit from you. Training is quite important.  Hard work beats talent when talent refuse to work hard, so you see that your talent is not enough you most add training to your talents so that your potential can be refined and useful to the world. It is very important you understand that it is by building your potential in the right angle and way that you can be excellent and you can be celebrated and you can make impacts in life you must recognize your area of passion and interest and do your best to grow it. This article discusses some great ideas to build your potentials.

8 Great Tips to Build Your Potentials

Identify your area of talents

This one is quite important, ensure you identify where your real talent and potential really is, where it really lies. That is where you can achieve maximum excellence easily with good training. Where your talents are resident are the areas you can do very well. Don’t just go all around wanting to be a jack of all trades and end up being a master of none. Identify that one area where you know you are very good and you can excel, work hard and follow it, make sure you concert all your energy in building your potentials towards that one direction of your core talent and potentials.

Of course, you need to know some other things about different things around but ensure that more of the building of your potentials is towards that your core where you are really talented. For example you mean be very good at speaking or writing, build yourself in such your area of strength, you may be good in you may be good at cooking then go ahead and take courses learn skills about cooking become a better cook and you can challenge yourself to become better at that, it may be that your area of strength is technology, you should build your potentials in that direction. With hard work and talent, you can achieve excellence and distinction.

Practice Time Management

To build your potentials you will need to know how to manage your time. Imagine you have a number of things to do in a particular day you must know how to arrange everything in a timely manner so that you will be able to carry out everything productively, if you are not good at time management, building your potentials will be difficult because you will not be consistent you will not be as consistent as you ought to be, therefore you must ensure that you take your time and schedule well. If it’s possible have a timetable you schedule everything – this is what I will do in the morning this is what I’ll do at this particular time and all of that. It is also good for you to manage your time even futuristically, how do you want to go about the process of achieving that particular goal in building your potential in that area you have chosen? Set the goal the short-term goals in line with the long-term goal of achieving what you are aiming at.

Get a Mentor

Mentorship is very important when it comes to building your potentials. You want to be better at something, you want to know more, you want to master a skill, there is someone in your area of interest who has already achieved what you want to, you should find such person out and let him or her mentor you. If you have to pay for the mentorship, look for the money and pay. A mentor is someone that can take your hands and lead you through the process of learning and becoming a master at what you do. You must be teachable to be mentored because mentorship demands that you take instructions, instructions that will help you to grow, mentorship may demand that you are able to put your opinions aside sometimes. These things are very important when you’re talking about mentorship. Mastering a thing can be very difficult if you do not have a mentor, mentorship can shorten your learning curve by helping you to avoid mistakes and use strategies that work.

Avoid Distractions

If you are going to build your potentials, you must be ready to do away with distractions because distractions are the greatest enemies of distinction. You must be able to say no to unnecessary things, if you get invitations that are not important you must be able to say no to them. If you allow all the distractions around like tv, movies and the likes to distract you then you will not have enough time to devote to build your potentials the way you ought to. Remember that many people want to be great but not everyone is ready to pay the price for greatness, therefore you must be ready to pay the price for greatness by shunning distractions and doing away with anything that is going to steal your time.

This does not mean that you should be shunning everyone around you and not have time for the people you ought to have time for. For example if you are a married person then you know you ought to give the right time to your spouse and your children and the people around you and if you’re a child you know you need to be able to do house chores. The important thing is that you must know what kind of activities are unnecessary, what kind of invitations are necessary or unnecessary, do the necessary things, have the time to do all the basic things you have to do but you must ensure that you have the time for yourself to build your potentials.

Be Dedicated

Also, to build your potentials you must be dedicated. Dedication is very important when it comes to building your potentials you have to give all the time that is necessary to build yourself to mastery of whatever you have chosen to know and master. For example if you are building your potentials in the area of fashion design is not that you will go to the place where you are doing your apprenticeship today and then the next day you are not there and then another time you are there, you are not regular at all those kind of attitudes must be out of it, you must give your time if it’s going to take three months or regardless of whatever number of months it is going to be taking, you must be ready to give your time at that particular period to master what you are learning. Building your potential is very important, if you have to take a course take the course to know more about the particular thing make sure that you are dedicating your time needed, dedicate your money dedicate yourself and get your skill to that particular goal that you have set.

Keep track of progress

While building your potentials you have to keep track of your progress no matter how small it is imagine let’s say for example you are a fashion designer and want to learn more or you are a novice and you want to learn the skill. Probably as a fashion designer you want to know how to sew male clothes, maybe you’ve been sewing female clothes before but now you want to learn how to sew male clothes; when you are learning you could decide to be keeping track of the things you are doing. If it’s just one thing you’re able to learn today you are you happy for it and you keep track of it, like yes, I have learnt this part. That can serve to encourage you to move on and also you will know what you have done and what you have left undone.

Have a positive mind-set

You also need a positive mindset when you are working on improving yourself in one area of the other. There is no venture in life where there are no challenges so you must be ready to face challenges, brace your mind already for such, knowing that you will face challenges and some issues might come up but you must have the optimistic mind-set that you will surely master that particular thing you are after. Do not allow little issues and challenges in the process of building your potentials to make you to maybe stop or to just abandon the project. Know you can achieve your target and make sure that you keep going, keep moving regardless of anything. Yes, this also links to persistence, you must be persistent, be persistent about achieving your target. You must ensure that you don’t allow little setbacks to just make you quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Surround yourself with the right people

If you’re going to build your potentials and you really want to get to the top and zenith of your potentials or whatever it is then you must surround yourself with the right kind of people. You can’t stay around negative people who will be discouraging you about your dream and ambition and expect to be who you are dreaming of becoming. You have to surround yourself with positive minded people like yourself, in fact it’s better to find people that are also in line with your line of development and aspiration, people that are wanting to achieve similar things to yours and then make friends with them.