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How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Employer

How to Make a Good First Impression on Your Employer

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on getting that job you applied for.

So here it is, Congrats friend!

However, now you have gotten that job, how do you intend on keeping it? No one wants to get fired in their first few months at work. And trust me when I say, this is a real possibility.

To avoid situations like that, you have to ensure you make a good first impression on your employer.

First impressions matter a lot and you only get one chance at it, especially in a new working environment. It would be easy to be lost in the crowd as the “new staff” but let’s assume that isn’t what you want.

So friend, if you have to make an impression, you need to do it right!

Naturally, people form opinions in the first few moments of meeting someone, so it is important to think about how you want to portray yourself to your employer.

If it’s your first day at work on this new job, you need to give your employers some reason to make them understand that choosing you instead of the others that applied for the job was the best choice to make. Your level of qualification has put you through the door already, but it is not enough to keep you on the other side nor is it enough to give you the promotions you desire.

A good first impression at your work place is very important because it;

  • Shapes perception to reflect professional competence.
  • Determines how much your employers can rely on you.
  • Creates a good long lasting relationship between you and fellow employees.

Whether you are resuming your new job as a receptionist, personal assistant, head of security, head manager or a chef. The first impression you have on your employer/boss must be positive.  But what can you do to ensure you make a positive impression?

1. Be punctual: This is top of the list because, it determines how you begin your day at the office. Are you meant to resume work by 10am? Go to work before 10am; or at least 5 minutes earlier. This would show your employer that you are excited to resume your new job and that you are organized.

2. Dress properly: This doesn’t mean you have to spend large amounts of money to buy clothes. It simply means that you must adhere to the company’s dress code (if it’s a company that requires you to dress corporately, do so). You should also consider taking time to properly iron your clothes, and keep your hair clean. Please ladies, do not go overboard with the colored-lengthy hairdos and crazy makeup. Have on good cologne, avoid using choking fragrances. Keep it simple.

3. Get to know your co-workers: I don’t mean you should start a meet and greet session instead of doing the job you are hired to do. You can do this over lunch time. Instead of running out to get food. Indulge your co-workers. You can start by asking if they want to grab lunch. Have casual talks with them on the way there. Do not start asking them personal questions. Their names, when they started working with the company and what department they work will do for now. Establishing a relationship with your co-workers shows your employers that you have great team spirit. And this is good for the company.

4. Use proper work etiquette: are you allowed to use phones at work? Make sure it doesn’t become a distraction to you or your co-workers. Always put your phones on silent. You do not want your phone beeping loudly with messages while your boss is addressing you or whilst you are in a meeting. There is a great difference between a personal and professional email. Learn the difference and apply it to avoid getting into trouble with your boss.

5. Show respect to your boss and co-workers: Nobody wants to keep employees that are rude. Respect your boss and co-workers. Respect their orientation. If you think they are going about a company’s problem wrongly, first appreciate the fact that they recognize that problem. Then, you can pitch your suggestion to them in a subtle manner. Do not be the “I know too much” employee. Be humble at all times.

6. Ask questions: Ask about the products and services the company offers. If you are unclear about what you are supposed to be doing on a project just given, ask questions. Do not go around assuming. You can ask about the company’s long-term goal. This will give your boss the impression that you believe in the company and you intend keeping this job for a very long time.

7. Learn to listen and take corrections: It’s not just okay to ask questions. You should also take your time to listen to the answers to these questions. Listen to instructions too and follow them. If for any reason your boss complains about anything you did wrong, do not go on the defensive. Be calm, apologize first, ask what you should do to correct that mistake and promise not to repeat the same mistake. Always say thank you after you have been corrected.

8. Do your job: to establish a professional and rewarding relationship with your employer, you need to do your job in the best way you can. Always come to the office on time and start doing what you are supposed to do. Do not wait for your boss to ask about the project he gave you to handle before you give feedback. Avoid gossiping. If you are good at what you do, your new boss will recognize your dedication and reward you, maybe with a promotion.

In all of these, consistency is key. Your tenth month on the new job should be as good, even better than your first day on the new job. You don’t want to start your first day positively and give your boss a headache on later days. Your boss would be most impressed if he sees that you kept up with the good impression he had of you on your first day.

Always be the best version of yourself.