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How to Write a Lot and Keep Yourself Healthy

How to Write a Lot and Keep Yourself Healthy

Being a student means that you spend a lot of time writing, and that is a big challenge to being fit and healthy. You may find yourself not eating right and not exercising. Consequently, becoming too unfit and ending up sick. Many students are not aware that even small changes in their habits can improve their health immensely.

How to Write a Lot and Keep Yourself Healthy
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Students taking multiple theoretical courses tend to get lost in their work. This is very common among students who study medicine. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid health hazards if you browse of health essay examples to help you with your assignments and make you aware of the issue. Get acquainted with these free health essay examples to ease your life. There are also free essay samples in different disciplines that help students write their assignments.

It is quite easy for students to sink into hibernation and become very passive. After long hours of writing an essay on? for example, health, all you want to do is lie in bed and relax. The tips below will help you stay healthy while writing:

1. Sit Properly

Always take into account your body posture when sitting and doing an assignment. Do not slouch forward towards the screen or lean too back. Maintain an upright position. It is prevalent for students to develop back pains due to an overwhelming number of assignments. Remember that you can always seek help online to complete your tasks on time.

2. Rest Your Eyes

It is recommended that an adult shouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes staring at a screen. The blue rays emitted from the screen are not healthy for your eyes. If you start to feel a strain in your eyes or fatigue, take a one-minute break by staring at something else.

3. Hydrate

We all know the power of coffee in a student’s life. However, it is not healthy to take too much when trying to beat a deadline for an essay. There are many examples online to help you finish your assignment in a proper time. Staying healthy as a writer requires you to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. If you do not take enough, you will suffer from headaches and fatigue.

4. Change Your Environment

Changing your environment will help you stretch out your limbs and relax your eyes. It’s a great strategy if you want to get new ideas or solutions. Walk outside or around the house to get ample fresh air.

5. Exercise

Exercise is a vital aspect of staying healthy as a writer. Any form of exercise will help you relieve stress, relax your mind, and improve your creativity. You can slot in a few minutes of exercise in between assignments. You can opt to go for a run or even do yoga.


It will be a bit challenging at first but staying healthy as a writer is a vital aspect. Soon enough, these tips will become part of your daily habits. Slot in some time for your family and friends. Human interaction is essential for your mental health status. Friends and colleagues will help you relieve stress.