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How to Write a Perfect Motivation Letter: Best Tips

How to Write a Perfect Motivation Letter

Have you ever been asked for a letter of reasons or letter of explanation of reasons and don’t know how to do it? These documents are important within your professional career; however, many people do not know how to stand out among other prospects who have already sent theirs before.

The motivation letter is a document written within the epistolary format, by which the reasons for which an applicant requests something are expressed, for example: to continue with their postgraduate studies at a university outside their hometown or to give a reason why which is qualified for a job.

Although there are small changes between these two types of letter motives, both have the same function, to demonstrate that the applicant is prepared to fulfill the requirements of a position or an educational program. The important thing when writing a motivation letter is: highlight your positive skills and aptitudes interestingly.

How to Write a Perfect Motivation Letter

Aspects to consider before writing your motives letter

This document is an essay written in epistolary format. It is as if it were a letter; Its extension should not be more than two pages, so you must highlight your expectations and objectives within them. The motivation letter must be able to capture the attention of your readers, that is, those in charge of the human resources department or the directors of the institution to which you are addressing your request.

But how do you make your letter stand out from the others? You must bear in mind that there are factors that allow you to stand out from other applicants. In this article, we will offer you tips to write a letter explaining the reasons to be a candidate for a job in the best way.

Useful tips for creating your perfect motivation letter

Currently, there are companies that, during their selection process, not only evaluate the CV of the applicants but request the preparation of a letter in which the interested party explains the reason why they are qualified to perform the position you want to purchase.

This creates a lot of uncertainty, especially at the time of writing. With doubts comes the need to search for information through blogs dedicated to solving these types of doubts, for example, this one that you are reading.

The problem is that many of the media you consult will tell you that you only need to expose your achievements that you have obtained up to this moment, but a motivation letter is much more than that.

Before you start writing your letter, you must answer the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in taking that specific job?
  • Which of your skills can contribute to the growth of the company?
  • Why do you think you should be part of that work team?

After considering the above considerations, it is time to start writing your letter; keep in mind that this is an opportunity to convince recruiters that you are ideal for the position you are applying for. Below we have listed some tips you that will help you write a convincing motivation letter:

Avoid that your recipient is “To whom it may concern”

According to an article in Forbes, motivation letters that are addressed to a specific person generate greater impact since they allow them to be more personal, in addition to being considered more polite and effective by recruiters.

Make your interest show, without exaggerating 

The recruiter recognizes the letters that are created generically. Companies need to find candidates who are interested in being collaborators, so it is an excellent option to include in your letter what you are passionate about working with them; you can add if you have followed their work or if you are a regular consumer. Point out that they are a special company for your job search, but avoid falling into the error of exaggeration.

Know well the position you want to apply for

Investigate a little about the vacancy in which you are interested and highlight how your skills qualify for the position you are interested in.

A candidate who knows and understands the role to be played at the time of being hired is an attractive profile for the human resources department; Take advantage of your research and let them notice that you are prepared to carry out your work independently.

Highlight your virtues

Without falling into egotism, mention your main virtues and how they can contribute to the work team you want to form.

Describe the characteristics that you consider your best skills, those that are closely linked to the area of ​​work you want to enter; It is the ideal time to describe the added value you can bring to the company you want to join; Do you master another language? You can mention it.

Think about the wording and format of the letter

Consider using a writing style that is entertaining, but not informal. Avoid seeing it only as a list of what they can buy; think better of a narrative thread.

Achieving the correct order and handling of ideas is a way to capture attention, seeks to create a connection with employers, without abusing your creativity; Let honesty be the one that guides your motives letter and avoid falling into the traditional molds, remember that you are not the only one interested in that position that you want so much.

Continue to grow in your professional career, and don’t let restlessness stop you; research everything you need before embarking on new career paths.

What should be avoided in the motivation letter?

Avoid using quotes

The motivation letter is about you. The content of the text must be entirely personal. As appealing as they are, quotes from great thinkers and philosophers must be avoided at all costs. Putting this type of phrase in the motivation letter does not add any value and is not original.

Avoid writing a very long letter

Restrain your urge to write your full bio on the motivation letter. Put yourself in the selectors’ place and remember that they must deal with a large volume of applications.

Avoid repeating the content of your resume

As we have already said, the motivation letter is an opportunity to provide information from outside the academic record.

But it is common to forget this detail and by repeating the curriculum through the text. Edit the text and cut the repetitions. Eliminate any excess that makes your letter a poor replica of your resume.

Avoid starting with clichés

Try to be creative at the beginning of your letter. In this way, the chances of getting attention will be greater. Avoid starting your text with cliché phrases like the following list:

“From childhood…”

“As far as I can remember…”

“I have always had a great interest in…”

“All my life, I always liked…”

“I’m applying for this position because…”

“I am applying because I find the topic very interesting…”


The motivation letter is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your goal enthusiastically. So, get inspired by our tips and create your letter in the most authentic way possible. This can be the reason for you to be considered the ideal candidate for the opportunity. Very successful!