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Profitable Relationships Everyone Needs to Build

Profitable Relationships Everyone Needs to Build

At different stages in life we need people around us, we need the right kind of people in different situations. When you do not have the right kind of people around you when you need them it can mean that you miss out on a lot of things that you are supposed to benefit or gain from those relationships. Apart from the nuclear or extended family in which you find yourself, there is need for you to establish the kind of relationships that are beneficial and profitable. Sometimes you have to be very deliberate about establishing these relationships because you know what benefits and values you can gain. Don’t in any way underestimate the power of right relationships, there are things money can’t buy that people can give you, there are things that money can’t buy that you can gain, values that you can get from people, therefore value and build the right relationships and connections. In this article, some profitable relationships everyone needs to build are discussed.


The first kind of relationship that I would try to emphasize here is family, because family happens to be the first unit where in person finds himself or herself, it is important to maintain good family relationship with your siblings, your dad and your mum. These are most likely the people that love you the way you are, they love you unconditionally and they are the ones you can always fall back to when anything happens. You know they are always there for you. Whether you’re the one giving more to the family at any point or it’s the family giving more to you, you should ensure that you don’t create distance unnecessarily between you and your family, try to keep your connection with family as intact and possible. There may be issues there may be reasons to quarrel or there may be misunderstandings, that shouldn’t spoil things, these people occupy a special place in your life.

Loyal Ones

You need people who are loyal in your life, people who will we are trustworthy, such that you can bank on any day any time. They are the same in your presence and absence, they are not the kind of people that talk good about you to yourself and talk bad about you to others, you can tell they are sincere and they will not leave you because you are down. These are the kind of people you can trust with important things in your life when you need to. When you find people like this, appreciate and nurture the relationship, establish good connection and friendship with them. Ensure that you’re also loyal to them in your dealings with them so as not to break their trust or make them to go away. Respect is reciprocal they say, and I think that loyalty is also reciprocal, if they are loyal to you, be loyal to them as well. Keep the relationship.

Frank, straight-forward people

You also need those who will be honest enough to tell you the truth to your face. These are the kind of people that will not be shy or trying to be too good to you and not tell you the truth, they are realistic in their approach and they are frank. They let you know if there’s something you’re doing that is wrong, if there is something bad that you need to change, you know they will tell you. And when you’re doing well too you can trust their judgment; they are not seeking to please you unnecessarily. You don’t just need people who keep telling you sweet things even if you are going the wrong things, people who may not call your attention even if you are almost falling into a pit. You need people who will be frank and loving enough to let you know when you’re going the wrong way.

Inspirational people

This category of people are very important in your life, they are the ones that cheer you up and tell you that you can do it even when other people may not believe in your dreams, these people seem to see that you can achieve your goals and they tell you to go after your dreams, if possible they might even support you. They are the kind of people that will inspire you and let you know that nothing is impossible. If you have this kind of people supporting your dreams and goals or if you have them as part of your team then you are very lucky, you should try to maintain good connection and relationship with them. Build good relationships with this kind of people and keep them near you. Also, when they are embarking on their own projects or following their dreams you should try as much as possible to cheer them on and inspire them as well.


You also need to build relationship with Mentors. These are the people who have gone ahead of you in your line of ambition or career and you know that you can learn a lot from them. You should try to build a mentee-mentor relationship with this kind of people. This type of relationship will demand that you are humble, teachable and loyal. You must not prove to be too-know and then you must be ready to learn. These people will go a long way to help you to cut your learning curve shorter so that you can reach your goals faster. You can learn from their wealth of experiences and also leverage on their influence.


You also need counsellors in your life, people you can approach when you are in doubt of certain important things, wanting to take an important step or make an important decision about your life, you can reach these people. They could be elderly people around you who are more experienced or people that you look up to, who have more knowledge and exposure than yourself. They have to be people whose judgment you can trust, probably with a track record of good advice they’ve given you that have worked overtime. Form enduring and meaningful relationships with such people.

Good friends

These are the people who are your pals, you have fun together and do things together. They could be your age mates or classmates, colleagues at work, etc. These are the kind of people that make life interesting and fun and you need them around you at so that you can have a healthy social life, being happy and making others happy. Ensure that they are the right kind of friends, such that add value to you, not the friends that would rub on you in negative ways. They should be friends that you can trust, and they should be of good character. It goes without saying that show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, also, birds of a feather flock together.

In as much as you have people that you seek counsel from, also people that mentor you, you should also have people that you can mentor, people that you are adding value to.  People who can come to you to seek counsel. It is important, you should form the habit of adding value to others, no matter how little or big the value may be.