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The Best Colleges to Study Engineering in the World

Best Colleges to Study Engineering

Careers in engineering are known to be the most searched for and well-paid jobs in the world. This makes it very difficult to get into an engineering course. To get the best seats in the Engineering department, you need to make sure that you are really good at what you do and have the best tools to develop the right sets of skills the engineering department expects you to have.

To gain entry into the engineering work force, you need to first secure yourself admission into one of the best engineering schools in the world. But first, you need to have an idea which exactly are the best engineering universities in the world.

This article contains a few of the best-quality engineering schools from QS World University Rankings, US News and Global Report, Time Higher education and Academicinfluence.com. The best engineering universities according to the most popular ranking resources are;

  1. QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019: Engineering and Technology

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US: MIT has a mission of advancing knowledge and educating students in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st MIT seeks to develop in each member of her community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively and effectively in order to enhance mankind.
  • Stanford University, US: This University is located in California’s Silicon Valley city, between San Francisco and San Jose. It is a teaching and research university. It was opened in 1891 and is dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and to preparing students for leadership.
  • ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland: In this university, students are provided with an ideal environment for independent thinking and a research friendly environment that inspires top performance. ETH Zurich is located in Europe.
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University houses over 18,000 students from all corners of the world. It has a staff capacity of about 9,000 staff, 31 colleges and 150 departments, faculties, schools and other institutions.
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB), US: The University of California was founded in 1868. The university was planted with a vision to contribute more than California’s gold to the glory and happiness of advancing generations.
  • Nanyang Technological University (NUS), Singapore: It is the fastest rising research-intensive Asian university in the world’s top 50. NTU provides a high-quality education globally to about 33,000 undergraduates and postgraduate students.
  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford students and academics benefit from belonging both to the university, a large internationally renowned institution, and to a college or hall, a small, interdisciplinary academic community.
  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom: Imperial is ranked one the world’s top 10 universities in the QS Word University Rankings 2015/2016 and the Times Higher Education Word University Rankings 2015/2016. 3rd in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2016 list of the UK’s best universities.
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore: Is a global university located in Singapore. It is the nation’s flagship university which offers a global approach to education and research with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise.
  • Tsinghua University, China: This University located in china is one of the most prestigious university the country. Through teaching, research and innovation, Tsinghua is committed to advancing the well-being of the nation and the world.
  1. S. NEWS and Global Report – Engineering Universities 2019

  • Tsinghua University, China.
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.
  • Aalborg University, Denmark: This University offers degrees, research activities and programs that are project-based and have interdisciplinary focus. The school offers degree programs with a real-world approach and also provides world-class research.
  • Nanyang Technological University (NUS), Singapore.
  • Harbin Institute of Technology, China.
  • University of California – Berkeley, US.
  • King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom.
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China: Is a university in China directly under the administration of the ministry of education (MOE) of the People’s Republic of China and co-constructed by MOE and Shanghai Municipal Government.
  1. World University Rankings 2019 by subject Engineering and Technology

  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Stanford University, US.
  • Harvard University, US: Harvard is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research. They develop leaders in many disciplines that make a difference globally. The university has an enrollment of more than 20,000-degree candidates including undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.
  • California Institute of Technology, US: The California Institute of Technology is a world-renowned science and engineering research and education institution where extraordinary faculty and students seek answers to complex questions, discover new knowledge, lead innovations and transform the future.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Princeton University, US: It is a community of scholarly pursuits and learning that stands in the nation’s service and in the service of all nations.
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  • ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, US: Georgia Institute of Tech focuses its efforts on preparing students to use their innovative skills and strong work ethic to solve real life problems and also, improve the lives of people around the globe.
  1. Academic Influence Ranking – Engineering Worldwide

Academicinfluence.com ranks universities for the study of engineering by using machines that follow the number of times universities are mentioned on the web. The top 10 engineering schools list worldwide according to the Academic influence are;

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Stanford University, US.
  • Columbia University, US: This University is one of the most important centers of research in the world. It also offers a learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields.
  • University of California, Berkeley, US
  • Harvard University, US.
  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Edinburgh University, which is situated in Scotland’s capital city discovers, develop and shares knowledge. The university also makes a significant sustainable and socially responsible contribution to the world.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, US: Is a research institution that has operated for 168 years. The students, staff and faculty members of this university partake in world-class education and solve real-world problems.
  • Cornell University, US: The Cornell University encourages its students and staff to pursue unpredicted lines of thinking in order to effect change on local and international scales.
  • California Institute of Technology, US.

It is a good starting point to have an idea of the best engineering universities but, you shouldn’t disregard other engineering universities because they are not on the top 20 list. It is good to explore your options thoroughly before making decisions.

Also, in other to get more in-depth knowledge of these universities, I would advise you to go to their websites.