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Work and Study: How You Can Reconcile the Two

How to Reconcile Work and Study

Working and studying is a reality that most students have to face to obtain a degree. After all, times are not easy, and it is necessary to know how to reconcile these two things to reap good results in the future. Whoever suffers from this harsh reality has to start the day before 6 am, many times, to arrive at work or even attend a lecture. Facing this exhausting routine requires a lot of courage and determination not to wear out. But there’s a way you can reconcile work and study, and we’ll show you how in this article.

For you to be able to cope with the demands of work and college, know that it is necessary to take good care of your health. Otherwise, you will have to give up one thing or another to have the quality of life you desire. However, like everything in life, there is an advantage and a disadvantage, facing a double journey works the same way. If you have to work and study to get a diploma, this article will be useful for you.

To learn some steps not to compromise your health and the pros and cons of working and studying, read this article to the end.

Work and Study - How You Can Reconcile the Two

The Advantages of Working and Studying

Although exhausting, working, and studying is also very rewarding, you have several benefits:

More autonomy

When working at the same time you study, you have financial independence. This allows you not to ask for anything from anyone, and you can pay with your effort and work for the coffee you consume or even the tuition fees or the course material.

Develop more quickly

This is also an important factor that can be taken advantage of by those who work. This is because it can be a chance to grow and develop in the company. To do this, talk to your employer or manager to find out if they offer you any career plans to start practicing what you are learning in college.

Possibility of working in the job market

Although it is tiring to face the double shift, know that working in the job market can be advantageous. Because you will be familiar with the issues surrounding work, you can try to apply for a better job and better pay upon graduation.

Also, when you complete the training, you likely do not need to look for a job when you are employed.

Avoid uncertainty after graduation

Working and studying can also make your life more peaceful. Know that this is common for the individual, after obtaining the degree, anxiety surfaces as one begins to doubt whether he/she can occupy a certain position due to the little experience. However, with experience gathered during college days, those uncertainties are erased.

The Disadvantages of Working and Studying

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, studying and working comes with its perks, and to have a balance in life, here are the cons of facing work and studies:

Difficulty to fully enjoy the course

Working while you are studying can deprive you of attending some academic events. This is because, generally, they happen at times you will be away at work. Therefore, there is no alternative; it is necessary to give up certain academic activities to guarantee income.

Another difficulty that the student may face is in fulfilling extracurricular hours. Many times students are required to participate in academic weeks or complementary activities while in college. However, as a result of work, such a student may take more time to complete all the required hours.

Working and studying can be very exhausting

Facing a double journey is something that drains a person’s energies. In order not to compromise your studies and work, care must be taken, as you must face your studies during work breaks.

The good news is that you will be doing this for a set time, as studying has a set time to carry it out. After that, reap the rewards that this sacrifice demanded of you.

Affect the rest routine

Those who work and study end up not having a very certain routine of rest, as it is necessary to use their free time for studying or course demands. Therefore, it is necessary to manage time well not to compromise leisure hours, causing mental fatigue.

Less time for friends and family

Whoever faces the double journey has to know how to say no to social life many times. This happens mainly during the test season, as activities and tasks accumulate with very little time left for those close to you.

Requires greater organization

Studying and working require greater organization on the part of the individual. Therefore, it is essential to make a good administration of the contents to be studied and time. Otherwise, you will compromise performance on both the course and the job; because tiredness can speak louder, and you will not have the focus and energy to do both activities.

How to Reconcile Work and Study without compromising your Health

You probably know that it is essential to invest in healthy habits to improve the quality of life. With these two activities, it works the same way. Here are some tips:

Keep a good diet

A balanced diet is essential to having good physical and mental performance. Your life is probably very busy because of work and study, and you often have to give up quality food to eat anything on the street. Know that this is harmful, and you should avoid doing it. Always have fruit and cereal bars with you when you need to replenish your energy. Try to organize a routine where you can have lunch calmly and qualitatively.

For this, make a script of restaurants that offer a good menu at a fair price. Find out if they serve salads and similar foods. Although it is an expense, remember that this is an investment, and you will realize it in the future.

Sleep well

There is nothing better for the brain and body than a good night’s sleep. It seems easy to say, but it isn’t easy in reality, especially for many obligations. To enjoy a good night’s sleep, avoid going to bed too late, and have a routine that allows you to sleep up to 8 hours. When going to bed, avoid taking your cell phone, turning on your TV and computer, or anything like that.

To do this, give preference to your moment of being alone and control your thoughts to care for your peace and avoid harming your rest. Therefore, always think of good things when lying down and keep calm by taking a deep breath. For sure, you will enjoy it better each night and wake up refreshed for another battle.

Be sure to take a few hours off

Knowing whether to give yourself an hour off is at least essential to renew your energy. During that time, try to disconnect from your obligations and try not to think about anything other than your well-being. Do this; you will have more energy to face work and study.


Now that you know more about everything about working and studying. You can certainly see that, like everything in life, has its pros and cons. And you have to think about sacrifice about something that will bring future rewards.

And doing these two activities is exactly that. Although it is difficult, exhausting, the reward just ahead is valid because it enabled you to acquire more experience and gain more maturity to enter the job market with full force.