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10 Reasons to consider Vinyl Music Listening

Not so long ago, the world celebrated Vinyl Store Day – the day of vinyl music stores. Physical carriers even now don’t leave indifferent lovers of music, although the number of streaming services that allow you to download music, is growing every day. Vivid evidence that cassettes, discs, and vinyl do not lose their relevance, the best turntable cartridges, sales exceeded sales from downloading.

In this article, we will focus on the oldest of the carriers – vinyl. The very warm sound that vinyl lovers are talking about is due to several objective reasons.

Vinyl records have a unique sound

Vinyl has an analog sound. When recording a record, the sound wave goes a long way, at the end of which it turns out to be stamped in the grooves of vinyl.

It is important to understand that the transition to vinyl in terms of sound is not a step backward. Rather aside. Analog sound has its own characteristics, which will be an advantage for some people.

A passion for Vinyl is an aesthetic pleasure

People who are passionate about vinyl collect everything that can come in handy: players, components and, of course, records.

Carried away with vinyl, they carefully keep the devices and wipe them from dust, wash the plates, change the needles, carry out the upgrade.

It is unlikely that they would do it if the care of the players and the music library did not bring them pleasure.

Most major music releases are published on vinyl first

Vinyl sales have been growing rapidly over the past few years. Almost any significant foreign releases can be found on the plate. Do you like vinyl, but don’t like new music? Still easier.

The releases of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and other classics are often reissued, finding favorite albums on sale is easy.

Passion for Vinyl – a way to stand out and be in trend

The most progressive way to listen to music is to listen to it on records. The demand for players in the world is growing, but we still have not so many people with such a hobby. If you want to keep up with the times, stand out and gain a new and interesting activity, try vinyl.

You can buy a good quality modern Vinyl player

If there are new records, then there are new vinyl players. Unfortunately, the mass market offers, namely, cheap all-inclusive plastic devices with a built-in phono stage and speakers, is worthless.

If you decide to buy a good vinyl player, you have two options: find a decent used machine or pay attention to new high-quality equipment, but it will cost you a lot of money.

Vinyl player – a stylish piece of furniture

Of course, if we are talking about a good machine, and not about a player from AliExpress or a device killed from a flea market. Type in any search engine “turntable vinyl” and see for yourself – this technique is designed to make an impression. Even before it is turned on.

The most recognizable manufactures of vinyl players is Pro-Ject. They are paid particular attention to the appearance of their devices. Almost every model of them is available in a large number of colors, among which there are also thematic ones dedicated to some artist or album.

Collecting records will once again make music valuable

We rarely search, and even less often spend money on specific releases, because access to all the music of the world can be obtained free of charge or for a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Remember when was the last time you rejoiced at the release and purchase of your favorite band’s album? If it was before the arrival of the unlimited Internet, you definitely need to learn how to enjoy music again. Vinyl gives this opportunity.

Vinyl will delight the older generation

Speaking of ancestors. We thought for a long time what kind of gift could be better for mom and dad or grandparents than a vinyl record player. Get a nostalgic recording with the voice of a beloved old singer, can be quite real.

This is not exactly the case when the “hand-made” is better. “Vinyl” will forever remain a symbol of the last century in which our parents lived. Why not give them the opportunity to return, even if only for short while, to the days of their youth?

Reason to get an excellent collection

There is this charm in it when at a party a friend examines a shelf with your records or asks you for permission to put something cool.

The passion for vinyl is not something strange, difficult and unattainable. This is not a hobby for intellectuals with a high threshold of entry. Starting to listen to records is quite easy. All you need is a decent machine and a small collection of releases.