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5 Types of Truck Driver Cooking Equipment

Truck drivers always have been known with timeless driving they do and the time they spend behind the wheels. As like for any other human being they need to eat. At least once a day normal hot food because you can’t eat only junk food. That will make you gain fat and after a while, even will damage your health.

There sure is equipment for these types of problems: for keeping the food cold and even for cooking. Here is a list of them:


If only there is power inverter in your truck, the microwave will fit perfect for you; easy to use and really handy.

You can heat any type of food there. Also, it works fast, that is a big plus because you can get in a situation where you are in a hurry.

Portable Stove

It’s small that means easy to carry. It’s like a microwave oven for warming small items. It heats up to 300 degrees.

Now you can save your leftovers and prepare them in this heating lunchbox. Also, it’s able to make frozen food in this stove. I would say this is one of the best tools for every truck driver.


Of course you can get both of them separated but in my opinion, it’s best to buy the combined one. This item is a must in your truck or semi truck.

With this one, you will not have to stop at every store for a cold drink, because you can now store them in your truck and keep them cold all the time.

Also, you are able to store frozen food like fruits, vegetables and even burgers inside it. The good thing about this equipment is it doesn’t take a lot of your space because it’s compact.

Crock Pot

You can power this one using a cigarette lighter. Sounds easy? It sure is. There is a big list of what you can make on this one:

  • Porkchop
  • Any type of soups
  • Stew
  • French fries
  • And other frozen meals

It’s also called a slow cooker. This cooking equipment is mostly suitable for heating the food and keeping it hot for later. Prepare a lot of food on it in the morning, keep it on and eat your delicious food hot in the evening too.


This one is great if you have free space. It will keep you healthy, gain all of the vitamins and give you the energy boost.

Of course, it’s easy to use, just mix frozen fruits, vegetables and yogurt. Then blend it all together and drink while resting or driving. This is the best way to start a day. Also, this cooking appliance is proven that healthy smoothie will give you a huge amount of energy.

There are drivers that even make packs of already mixed fruits and other ingredients, so you don’t have to spend time while doing it. Just take out of the freezer and blend it.


If you are an experienced driver or just getting started it’s important to always be prepared. It’s expensive to always eat in restaurants and you will never know when the next one is.

Other Mentions

That was the top five to have, but of course, there is a huge variety of equipment to choose from. So here is a list of other mentions, not so important but also handy:

Hot Pot (This one is great for driving in cold weather. On this one you can prepare any type of soup or liquid. Also keep your coffee hot for the whole trip)

Electric Skillet (It will take quite large space from you but the function it does is great. You can make almost anything on this tool)

My Thoughts

All mentioned equipment in this list is a big help for you or any other driver. Also, it’s told that healthy drivers are a lot more productive than truckers who eat fast food all the time and I think that is true.

I think the most important step for any of the equipment is to plan ahead. You as a driver should always remember to keep your refrigerator filled with drinks and freezer with frozen food. So that way you always will be ready and not run out of food at the worst moments of your drive.