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Best Smart Accessories: 5 Important Gadgets for Home Use

The tech world today has totally spun around. From smart lights to smart watering devices, technology is progressing at a lightning-fast pace to offer greater comfort to us.

So if you are struggling to get some idea of important smart techs trying to match the pace of the tech world, just read on. We are pretty sure that these best smart accessories would be of your interest.

A few tips:

  • As you will see, most of the accessories listed here have got their own controlling application as well, for advanced usage. You can download them and operate as per the manual/guide. All of them are usually pretty easy to understand.
  • You can have an even better experience by having a system with the ability to remotely and directly control the gadgets. Many of the gadgets listed among the best smart accessories for a home are compatible either with Apple/Google/Amazon smart speakers or all of them.

Best Smart Gadgets for a Home

So, here are our top 5 choices of smart gadgets.

1. Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell

This smart video doorbell can be wirelessly attached to a ring bell or can even be attached to your current door-bell system. With its application, your phone will be connected to your doorbell.

Soon as anyone rings the bell, your phone will get the notification. With a connected microphone or speaker, you can interact which those at the door too. The system is compatible with Google, Amazon and Apple.

2. Nokia Body Cardio Bathroom scales

Nokia Body Cardio Bathroom Scales

With this gadget, the good old weigh-machine seems a thing of (far) past. Nokia Body Cardio bathroom scale will tell you your heart rate, body water and fat content, weather condition and much more in addition to telling your weight.

Get the Nokia Health app to control various settings. It is, however compatible only with Amazon Alexa.

3. ET WL-1 Wifi Smart Timing Socket, EURO plug

This is a Wi-Fi Smart-timing socket which enables users to control the electrical devices at home. You can download EWelink on your phone to connect it with the Socket.

You can set a particular schedule and timings for electrical appliances at home through the application. Moreover, it saves energy as well as your electric bill. The gadget is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

4. Netatmo Welcome Security Camera

Netatmo Security Camera

Security is a major concern everywhere. But well, those old CCTV cameras sometimes look creepy in a house. You feel so too? Consider Netatmo Welcome.

It is a classy, elegant camera that you can roughly fit in anywhere in your house’s indoors. Some of the great features of the camera are face-recognition- which turns off recording for familiar faces-, good night vision, local data storage etc.

5 BBGear ZJ068212 USB Charger

BBGear ZJ068212 USB Charger

For those who are looking for a reliable and advanced solution for charging batteries, BBGear ZJ068212 USB Charger is a great option. Each slot has an independent charging status.

You can connect it to an adapter or can even charge by connecting it to your Laptop. Some advanced features include fast charging, defective battery detection, 360-degree protection etc.

Hope these make a great addition to your home-sweet-home.