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Cellebrite develops a new hacking tool for all iPads and iPhones

Apple is so successful a company, they have made a claim to having no less than 1.4 billion iPhones and iPads all around the world. While that is an impressive count, it might be time to start getting scared for anyone holding an iOS device in their hands.

After all, Cellebrite is claiming to have found a backdoor into all of these devices.

Why should you take their claim seriously?

Well, Cellebrite was the company that the FBI reached out to when they had problems hacking the iPhone 5c of a person of interest in 2016, and they successfully hacked that phone back then. Although Apple patched the flaw that enabled them to make this hack happen, the damage had already been done.

Now, the company does not just have such a tool to hack all the current iPhone and iPad models, but they are willing to sell the kits too.

Coming from a company that has been caught selling such kits on eBay for as little as $100 before, we would say this is a solid claim.

It should be noted that the iOS 13 is coming soon, and a lot of units will be removed from the Apple support system with that update. Thus, this might be a long-lasting issue which never gets fixed for billions of users from all around the world.

To make things a little better, Cellebrite claims you have to be in possession of the phone you want to hack.

However, that does not stop a motivated hacker from stealing the information they need from your device.