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Gadgets for the Golden Years: Growing and Exciting Trends

Two thirds of seniors over 65 are now online, but that number increases to 82% if you include baby boomers, who are just on the cusp of retirement. No longer is tech just a young person’s game.

Businesses are increasingly seeking to design gadgets which are aimed at our oldest residents, in order to make their lives safer, more comfortable, and more fun.

From important medical monitoring to exhilarating virtual reality headsets, the tech industry has something to offer every older person. Here are just three of the latest trends to get excited about.

For Health: Silver Mother Sensors

91% of seniors have at least one chronic condition, so of course health is a major concern. Tech companies are responding to this with a number of medical monitoring products, but one of the most interesting is Silver Mother Sensors. For those who want to age in their own home, this is the perfect solution.

This smart home device, similar to an Amazon Echo, monitors the daily needs of seniors.

It lets you know if someone has forgotten to take a pill, checks their water intake, tracks sleep, and alerts family members if a senior resident leaves the home.

There are a whole host of other features, too, but these are some of the most useful and potentially life-saving.

For Entertainment: Rendever

Being a retiree isn’t all about worrying about your health. You have all the time in the world, why not have fun? Rendever is a virtual reality platform, explicitly aimed at seniors.

It is perfect for elderly people who are less mobile but still want to see the world. With this device, you can be transported to anywhere on Earth and have a look around.

This can be used to explore new and exciting places or to stroll down memory lane. Taking seniors to the place they grew up or got married provides intensely enjoyable feelings of nostalgia.

There is a more important reason for this technology, however. 40% of seniors report feeling lonely and this technology gives them a chance to interact with others.

It can also inspire creativity and passion, putting these meaningful concepts back into an older person’s life and keep depression away.

For Socializing: Geri Joy

For even more social interaction, Geri Joy is a great bit of tech. Keeping away social isolation prevents boredom and cognitive decline, keeping seniors not only happier, but physically healthier as well.

Geri Joy is a breakthrough technology which connects older people to a remote caregiver or super advanced artificial intelligence. This offers personalized emotional support and can simulate real social interactions.

Gadgets for seniors are an important development in a rapidly aging society. Many baby boomers have been brought up on tech and it would be a shame to enter retirement with nothing aimed at your age group.

These bits of tech can seem a bit of fun, but they offer potentially life-saving benefits. Whether monitoring health levels, offering emotional support, or inspiring creativity and connection, older people will find joy and happiness in their final stage of life.