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Gadgets that’ll Keep you Safe When the Sun Goes Down

Nighttime – and life becomes easy – at least for burglars. Sure, thieves can invade your home while you’re out of town chasing the sun. But, the Bureau of Justice Statics says that up to 80% of break-ins happen in the cover of darkness.

Indeed, technology cannot guarantee 100% protection but investing in some gadgets will make life easier. Put differently; you’re better off with a “helping hand” to help you tackle burglary. What follows is a rundown of state-of-the-art devices that’ll come in handy as far as keeping you safe at night goes.

An IR Illuminator

Wait. What? Caught you by surprise, right? Did you expect to see such a tool on this list? Plus, what’s an IR illuminator anyway? And, how does it help keep you safe?

For starters, an illuminator, in layman language is an “accessory” that allows you to get the most out of your night vision devices such as binoculars, goggles, scope, surveillance cameras, and the likes.

Now, picture this – the night is pitch-black, with no moon or the stars. Still, you can hear some footsteps outside. You want to see what’s happening, but you can hardly see anything, even with your night vision goggles. An illuminator is what you need to enable you to operate in such scenarios. And the beauty of it is that this device uses infrared light, allowing you to move from point A to B in pitch-darkness without getting noticed by the human eyes.

It is essential to mention, however, that all models aren’t the same. As this guide to infrared illuminators suggests, any unit worth your attention has to provide a wavelength of at least 850 nanometers. The range has to be reasonable too. That way, you can see moving objects at a distance with your night vision device.

Wireless Surveillance Camera

Web security cameras are getting smarter by the day. With one mounted in your house, you can pick out anyone who walks in and out of your home, even in the darkest of nights.  Many models are compact and stylish, allowing you to place them virtually anywhere, from your entryway to the table.

Wyze Smart Home Camera

A good camera should provide facial recognition. Why? Well, you don’t anything that can’t tell when your kids come home from school or when a stranger accesses your main entrance. Of course, you’re better off with a camera that can send alerts straight to your smartphone when doors, windows or gates open and close.

Don’t forget to secure blind spots. Make sure that your camera can shoot high definition videos, complete with infrared night vision. What’s more? Check to see if the model has a motion sensor.

Bell Ringers

Before burglars break into your house, they will ring or knock your doorbell to see if there’s anyone at home. Still, you don’t have to answer your door to distract or scare them off. All you need to do is to turn off the lights to make them move on.

But, what happens when you’re not at home? Invest in smart LED bulbs that can learn your lighting schedule. Recent models come with a built-in microphone to detect a doorbell and turn off your lamps without the need to flick a switch. Brilliant!

A Deadbolt

Don’t go for any other deadbolt if you want to boost your home’s security at night. Consider a smart deadbolt, with an integrated alarm. Pick one that opens via Siri or a brand-exclusive app. Check if the model you plan to purchase offers Bluetooth compatibility. Choose a deadbolt that matches your doors finish preferably matte black or satin nickel.

On top of that, buy a smart padlock for your safe boxes. The idea is to get alerts on your phone when someone is trying to tamper with your valuable items.

In Conclusion

A lot of things happen when the sun sets. You don’t want to be a victim of burglary or thugs when all you could have done is to invest in a device to help protect you and your family.

Note – while it makes perfect sense to use the power of technology to keep yourself secure, make sure that you’re purchasing the right gadget. Go through the features to see if that’s what you need. Some of these tools come at a tidy sum, and you don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t provide value for your cash.

Also, keep reviewing your security needs from time to time. In other words, know which device to get rid of and one to acquire as time goes by.