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Google Takes Dark Mode to Assistant, Google Search and Discover

Dark mode is more than the new cool, and it has become the new way of life for Google apps like Search, Assistant and the discover mode all goes dark. These are 3 more apps that have taken the dark theme in addition to others like Google Calendar, Google Photos, YouTube, Google keep in anticipation for the Android Q release.

The Dark modes are going out in stages by a server-side update and requires the latest beta version of the Google App (v10.4.3), but having the last version might not necessarily guarantee the dark theme, so only whosoever be worthy may be granted the power of Google dark mode.

Similar to the other apps that have taken the black, it isn’t a true dark theme but closer to a dark grey color which gives benefit of saving the eyes from the blinding white while not using a strong dark contrast of 100% black.

When enabled, the entire Google app switches to dark grey, including all the searches, the bottom tab, the in-app Discover feed (which already supported dark mode in the launcher, when a user swipes right on the home screen, but wasn’t carried through into the Google app until now), collections, recent searches and all settings.

Everything relating to Assistant was also darkened, the Explore section for discovering new things you can try, to all the Pop-up, the dash board and all the Assistant settings.

When rolled out to an android device, it can be activated in Settings and General, where a Dark theme will be the penultimate item on the list.