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How to Extend the Lifespan Of Key Car Parts (Infographic)

Automobiles are a key part of life to many people all over the world, they get us to and from work, school, sports and more. Everyday millions of cars hit the road, and over time their parts can become weak or over used.

Therefore, it is important to help preserve our automobiles by helping to extend the lifespan of essential car parts. Maintenance is a necessary factor for extending the life of any vehicle.

If basic oil changes and battery replacement are not being performed, you could end up severely damaging more than expected, resulting in more trips to the shop.

While it is tempting to avoid replacing certain key parts in order to save money, records have shown that spending a little more money to keep your car in good shape could result in saving you from having to another car altogether.

Common car parts, such as alternator and brake rotors should be replaced after a certain amount of miles. Other car parts like the battery and exterior lights should be changed after a certain amount of time. It’s important that weak parts are changed because they can cause good parts to work harder.

That can eventually lead to decreasing the integrity of a vehicle. There are some great tips that can help extend the lifespan, such as using LED lights, turning off lights when vehicle is off and more.

Other tips such as limiting short rides and keeping the battery tightly fastened can help preserve the battery. Regular maintenance of parts can also help tremendously. The brakes and windshield wiper blades should be cleaned regularly.

The timing belt should be regularly inspected and replaces. Finally, the tires should be regularly rotated to insure they maintain their integrity. This infographic is a great resource to refer to help maintain your car’s condition by extending the lifetime of key parts.

How to Extend the Lifespan Of Key Car Parts (Infographic)