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Huawei could launch four Nova 5 series instead of three

We have been looking forward to having three devices in the new Huawei Nova 5 series, but we might actually be getting a fourth one too. That is evident from a listing on Jindong – a Chinese retail website – where a Nova 5i Pro was listed alongside the other three models: Nova 5, Nova 5i and Nova 5 Pro.

For now, there is no indication as to what the unit will look like. It seems the retailer is also yet to get official images as they have used the images of the Huawei Y9 (2019) and Huawei P20 Pro as placeholders pending the time official images will be released.

However, that does not mean we know nothing of the unit.

For one, the device will come with a hole punch in the screen followed by an arrangement of four cameras on the back. What might be the main difference between this unit and the smaller Nova 5i could be the arrangement of the cameras, size of the sensors and/ or the kind of chipset used inside the phone.

No matter what the difference is, we will get to know them all on the 21t of June which is when Huawei plans to launch the devices.