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OnePlus Steps up with its Open Beta Program

OnePlus, like other top phone manufacturers. has upped its Open beta program game which allows users to get what’s coming via the next massive update for their phones. However, OnePlus is standing out from the crowd by adding new features from its newest phone, the OnePlus 7, to all the other units released in the span of the last two years.

The latest Open Beta update comes with about two brand new features to the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6, and OnePlus 6T. The features are Digital Wellbeing – a Google platform that helps track the time spend glued to one’s phone and help with rehabilitation – and Game centre. The latter basically functions as a hardware booster, making games run faster by boosting both the processor usage and networking speeds.

The older OnePlus phones will also be getting the Zen Mode (which is a sort of Do Not Disturb, forcing the user to put their phone down), RAM booster, and DC Dimming (which counters flickering in low brightness situations).

As of the time of this writing, though, there is no specific timeframe of when the updates will be received.