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Opera unveils new browser (Opera GX) targeted at gamers

Opera has once again regained the spotlight as it unleashes the world’s first gaming browser, “Opera GX.” To the trained eye, it is basically a spiced-up version of the normal browser, but incorporates a whole lot of new features specifically for gamers.

An early access version of the new browser has been released with the company hinting its arrival in May with the 1.2 billion PC gamers in mind who apparently spend a lot of time in building their setups.

Opera GX contain tools that can limit the system resources used by the browser, so streaming can be seamless with the browser in the background. The RAM and CPU usage used by the browser can be controlled or limited.

Also, the browser has a built-in Twitch sidebar which enables the user to receive notifications and watch streams while browsing.

A lot of the features may be specific to gaming but some are for the suave, and the new sound effects are just that. The sound effects and musical logo are a result of the collaboration with the sound designer Ruben Rincon. The Sound effect can also be adjusted or turned off, as well as most of the browser features in the settings panel.

The browser comes with an orthodox dark red space theme, which can be changed to either of the 9 accent colors present.

Other features include the GX corner, which gives the latest gaming news and deals and the video Pop out function which allows you to stream and watch videos on other tabs opened in the browser is still retained.