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Samsung files a patent for what could be a 4-sided display phone

With major experience in manufacturing smartphones with two-sided curved displays, the South Korean company wants to take it a step further by creating devices with all sides curved, including the top and bottom, as shown in the patent filed by Samsung in November 2018.

Samsung is not the first or the last phone manufacturer to make all sides curved (Prime example is the Honor Magic from 2016), but Samsung is bent on doing it with a bit more flair. Comparing Samsung to Honor Magic, the size of the bezels are different, with the Honor Magic having thick bezels at the top and bottom, while Samsung keeps it to a minimum to give an all-screen design.

Another major difference is the fact that Samsung phones have their front-facing camera and sensor hidden under the display. Since it is a curved display, laying the camera flat gives distorted images. But in the patent diagram released, the sensor is placed at an angle.

Also, there is no sign of a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone or at the sides which could indicate an in-screen scanner. Looking elsewhere, the phone has dual rear cameras and just a single button on the side.

Judging from the 3D Image given by LetsGoDigital, we have a vague idea of what the phone might look like. There is no information to confirm if the device will be made commercial yet, but if it is, it will definitely be different from what we have been shown as everyday usage has to be considered in the process of manufacture.