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Samsung Galaxy Fold issues don’t look to be coming to an end soon

Samsung has been making waves with the launch of their Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus and S10 5G, and they are sure to blow us away with the arrangement of their Note 10 units which are expected to hit the market soon. While all of these units will pose the perfect competition to what is supposed to be ugly releases from Apple, the company does not have all its bases covered yet.

As far back as February, the OEM announced a Galaxy Fold and had to pull it back from the market almost immediately. According to them, they had to make sure the device was not only stable but was able to withstand everyday use. It was first touted to return to the market by May after a long silence but we still don’t have it yet.

Going by an interview with a Samsung executive, the woes of the device might not be over.

Speaking to Korean Herald, a Samsung official has claimed that the company is nowhere near resolving the issues that began with the unit in April. In fact, they are not close to announcing another release date so they don’t keep making empty promises to the market.

What that means is that Huawei Mate X might also be delayed till longer – and for how long, we do not know. This could make the mantle fall back on Apple who has claimed to have their own foldable iPhone in the works.

Should that happen, Samsung could lose the chance to become a pioneer in foldable phone technology, and that will be a huge blow on their name and reputation.