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Samsung to be the biggest winner of the US-China trade war

With every passing year, there has been a decline in the rate of smartphone demand from all around the world. That is not for a lack of smartphone companies to meet the demands on ground, but partly because the market is now getting so saturated, penetration is almost at a standstill.

However, the top manufacturers still ship out millions of phones every year.

With Huawei having overtaken Samsung and Apple in several markets of the world, getting caught up in the US-China trade war doesn’t spell so much good fortune for them. Now that they might not be able to use the Android name for anything anymore, they will suffer a huge setback from users and fans who would like to keep using their Huawei devices with Android on it.

That said, a huge void will be left by a company which has become the top supplier in many countries of the world. Since someone has to fill those shoes, predilections have put Samsung in a pole position to benefit more from this situation.

They are naturally the ideal pick since they have a strong presence and solid market share to lay claim to. With people wanting more from their phones these days, Samsung is one of those OEMs that can provide that.

Overall, smartphone demand is still expected to decline this year – but Samsung will be looking to cash out on this situation to better their stand to what it should have been.