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Why Students Should Check Word Count for Essays?

Why Students Should Check Word Count for Essays?

Students who aim at producing a quality essay paper have to work with a very serious approach. Before you start working on the essay paper, you have to gather complete knowledge about the topic. This requires time and effort. The word count of the essay is an important factor as well.

The best thing about the word count tool by Prepostseo.com is that it helps writers to precisely count the words of the draft they are writing. Every essay paper has a different word count and students have to write the paper according to that. The word count also defines the scope of the essay paper. Before you have started working on the paper, you would know about the word count requirement.

The word count reflects the essay paper scope

The word count of the essay paper gives an idea of the scope it has. If an essay paper has a word limit of 10,000 words, it reflects the fact that the scope is detailed. Similarly, if the essay paper has a word count of 2000 words, you can conclude that a lot of detail would not be included in the paper.

Exceeding/Insufficient word count means low grades

The only thing which matters in the case of an essay paper is the grade awarded. If you have worked for several months and fail to get a good grade, all your hard work would go to waste. Thus, it is important to focus on getting a good score and avoid all the things that can hamper it. The priority of submitting the correct word count is high and students should ensure that the essay paper does not have any word limit problems.

At times, students fail to complete the word count. For instance, a student may submit the essay paper with 2000 words even if the minimum requirement is 3500 words. This results in a penalty being applied. The essay papers of students are graded based on several factors including the fulfillment of the word count requirement. When the essay paper is submitted, numerous parameters are checked before the grade has been awarded. The word count is one of them. Your advisor would not award the grade before the word count has been checked. If it is lesser than the minimum requirement, you would end up with a penalty.

Penalties are also applied if the word count exceeds the maximum permissible limit. Some students are not careful about the word count when they are working on the essay paper. They do not check the word count and it exceeds the maximum limit. With a word counter, students can check the word count at any time before the submission. Using a technological tool is a much more beneficial option than manual counting. Manual counting has various major risks including incorrect word count and spending too much time unnecessarily.

When you talk about checking the count of words, it has to be 100% error-free. In other words, there is no room for making mistakes. This is where using a word counter proves a much better option. As it is a technological option, you can be very sure that no errors would be made. In other words, no rechecking would be needed.

Every essay paper chapter has a different word count

A lot of students working on essay papers do not know that each essay paper chapter has a different word count. For instance, if the introduction has a word count of 250 words, the research methodology or literature review would be lengthier. While working on essay paper chapters, students have to check the word count as they complete each chapter.

During the writing process, students have to concentrate on quality, topic research, and elaboration of points. They cannot afford to stop concentrating on the quality factor and start counting the words for each chapter. This results in the concentration being spoilt. Thus, for students, using a word counter tool is a much safer alternative.

If you communicate with students working on essay papers, they are always worried about meeting deadlines. Even the most intelligent students find it challenging to meet the timelines and they avoid unnecessary lengthy tasks that consume time. Counting the words of the essay paper manually is a lengthy task that consumes long hours. This consumption of time can be avoided.

A word counter counts the lengthiest essay papers in short time intervals so students do not have to even think about skipping timelines. If you check the word count manually, the time required would be a lot more. Going through a complete essay paper is not an easy task. You may skip a line or even a complete paragraph. This would harm the word count. The use of the word counter tool would reduce the stress level for the student. He would be able to come up with the correct word count without any hassle. Comparatively, using a word counter tool is a more convenient option than manual word counting.


Students who want to score well in their essay papers should be careful about each and everything. The word count of each paper should be checked before it is being submitted. A lot of students check this count through manual methods. They put in a lot of time to go through each line and determine the number of words. Even if you can complete this task, it would consume a lot of time. Other than that, this is not a very efficient option. There is always a chance of making errors. Today, there is a technological tool for each and everything.

Counting the words manually also has another negative aspect. If you count the words now and then, it would be very hard as you would have to stop the writing process every time the word count procedure has to be executed. This harms the concentration level of the writer. Word counter tools are highly efficient and mostly free. Thus, there is no reason to go through the troublesome process of manual word counting.