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Xiaomi might be the First Phone with the Record 64MP Camera Sensor

Samsung would never cease to amaze as they made the announcement of a phone camera sensor with a record-shattering resolution of 64MP, which is a major upgrade to the common 48MP most phones have these days.

But, more pixels doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better picture, because they are made tinier to fit the count and collect less light. With pixel binning, the resulting photos are smaller in size and the snap itself is able to overcome the smallish pixel size usually.

This is why a 64MP sensor would probably result in a nice 16MP photo if four pixels get folded into one like how the current 48MP sensors give 12MP photos.

Since Samsung made the announcement, the main question has been which phone would get the legendary 64MP sensor with most pegging the Galaxy Note 10 was going to fulfill that role. However, Samsung is reportedly going to use the Galaxy S10+ setup for the Note 10 which will have a vertical, instead of horizontal, camera setup.

In a report by the Ice Universe, It was stated that the international premiere of the 64MP sensor is in a mysterious model of the A series, while the Domestic first would be in a mysterious model of Redmi. All eyes were on the Galaxy A7 but the world stood disappointed when it launched with a 32MP sensor.

So, while Samsung puts the world in suspense, Xiaomi might emerge as the first manufacturer to produce a 64MP sensor Camera smartphone according to a Chinese leakster.

Xiaomi may pioneer phones with second generation phase detection autofocus that can record 480fps slow-mo and bins four pixels into one virtual with Tetracell technology.