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Understanding Hexadecimal Color Notations

Hexadecimal Color Notations

Hexadecimal also popularly known as base 16 number system, it is used over the web and digital devices to specify values. The best example can be the symbolization of color codes for HTML web pages. Understanding hexadecimal needs a lot of practice, but the basic idea is simple enough, it is similar to the decimal number system that you have been using throughout your life.

First things first, the fundamental difference between hexadecimal and decimal is that hex uses 16 symbols while on the other hand, decimal uses ten numbers for symbols. The number system of the decimal is based from zero to ten while for hex it is based from 0 to fifteen. Below are the symbols of both systems.

Hexadecimal Number System: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F
Decimal Number System: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Hexadecimal in Comparison To Binary

All the digital device use the binary number system to interpret information. It is based on 0 and 1. Whereas as-mentioned above hexadecimal is based on 16 symbols. The computer is only able to think in the binary number system. Both of the systems are correlated with each other.

Hex Color Notations for HTML Pages

If you are designing a webpage, you will have to select a color scheme that is more suitable with niche and your targeted audience. You will have to design each element keenly by placing the right color. You might have an idea that colors play an important role in the overall layout of the website. As every color has its meaning and it needs to be placed accordingly. Hexadecimal displays colors in Red-Green-Blue (RGB) environment. While coding the frontend of a website, you will need to place the color code that can be easily read by browsers. As, simply mentioning the name of color, so browsers can be able to understand it easily.

Usage of Hexadecimal Number System 

Generally, this number system is used by computer programmers, as they need to simplify the binary system. Digital devices use a binary number system to interpret the information, whereas humans use hexadecimal to shorten the length of long strings of the binary number system so that they can easily understand it. Below you will find the uses of this number system.

  • Define Locations In Memory
  • The color identifier in Web Pages
  • It also displays error messages

Benefits of Hexadecimal Number System

Hex Number system has a lot of benefits, let’s have a look at some of them:

This number system helps us to store maximum data by occupying less space in comparison to the binary and decimal system. You can simply convert hexadecimal to any other format especially binary to shorten long strings by using few digits and alphabets. It also helps in grouping of binary numbers. The number system is more human-friendly as we can understand things more efficiently by grouping them. And apart from that while using fewer digits, the probability of error occurrence decreases.

Hexadecimal Conversion

The internet has made it possible to convert number systems. You can find plenty of online tools that can help you out in conversion of the hexadecimal number system. You can even convert Hex to Text, to make it readable. These online tools are highly efficient, and amazingly, you will need not to install any plugin or download software to make it functional. All you will need is to upload the file, and the online source will convert for you in seconds. If you are looking for any such online tool, then you can enter your search query into the search bar of search engine. It will fetch all the relevant results for you. You can use these websites to perform the task smoothly. As it is not an arduous task, these online utilities produce immaculate results, so there are no chances of errors. Because manual conversion is strenuous, and there is always a room left for mistakes. You may end up getting erroneous results. So, it is recommended to use online sources for the conversion process to have impeccable results instantly without any hassle.