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What is a Grammar Checker?

A grammar checker or grammar checking software is a computer program or part of a computer program that tries to confirm the grammatical correctness of sentences in a document. In most cases, Grammar Checkers are part of a more massive computer program or website with other more extensive features in more situations, such as word processors.

Grammar Checking technology searches the internet and analyzes the text of millions of internet pages to develop logical linguistically correct patterns. They are then utilized to understand the most statically proper arrangement for a written sentence.

It’s like this; When you write a sentence, the grammar checking engine compares your sentence, structure, purpose, and intent to billions of similar sentences from its database or the internet to find matches and suggest logically correct sentence structures.

The earliest writing style programs checked for wordy, trite, clichéd, or misused phrases in a text. This process was based on simple pattern matching. The heart of the program was a list of hundreds or thousands of phrases considered poor writing by many experts. The list of questionable phrases included alternative wording for each phrase. The checking program would break text into sentences, check for any matches in the dictionary, flag suspect phrases, and show an alternative. These programs could also perform some mechanical checks. For example, they would typically flag doubled words, doubled punctuation, some capitalization errors, and other simple mechanical mistakes.

Correct grammar checking engines are more complicated. While a computer programming language has a precise composition and grammar, this is not so for natural languages. One can write a somewhat complete formal syntax for a native language. Still, there are usually so many exceptions in real usage that formal grammar is of minimal help in writing a grammar checker. One of the most essential parts of a natural language grammar checker is a dictionary of all the words in the language, along with the role of speech of each word.

The fact that an original word may be used as any of several different parts of speech (such as “free” is used as an adjective, adverb, noun, or verb) dramatically increases the complexity of any grammar checker.

A Grammar checking tool will find every sentence in a document, research each word in the dictionary, and then attempt to parse the sentence into a form that matches the grammar. Using various rules, the program can detect multiple errors, such as agreement in tense, number, word order, etc. It is also possible to identify some stylistic problems with the text. For example, popular style guides such as The Elements of Style deprecate excessive use of the passive voice. Grammar checkers may attempt to identify passive sentences and suggest an active-voice alternative.

The software elements required for grammar checking are closely related to some of the development issues that need to be addressed for voice recognition software. In voice recognition, parsing can help predict which word is most likely intended based on the part of speech and position in the sentence. In grammar checking, parsing is used to detect words that fail to follow accepted grammar usage.

Recently, research has focused on developing algorithms that recognize grammar errors based on the context of the surrounding words.

Grammar checkers are considered a type of foreign language writing aid that non-native speakers can use to proofread their writings, as such programs endeavor to identify syntactical errors. However, as with other computerized writing aids such as spell checkers, popular grammar checkers are often criticized when they fail to spot the mistakes and incorrectly flag correct text as erroneous. The linguist Geoffrey K. Pullum argued 2007 that they were generally so inaccurate as to do more harm than good: “For the most part, accepting the advice of a computer grammar checker on your prose will make it much worse, occasionally riotously disjointed.”

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