Cellebrite develops a new hacking tool for all iPads and iPhones

Apple is so successful a company, they have made a claim to having no less than 1.4 billion iPhones and iPads all around the world. While that is an impressive count, it might be time to start getting scared for anyone holding an iOS device in their hands. After all, Cellebrite is claiming to have … Read more

Samsung to be the biggest winner of the US-China trade war

With every passing year, there has been a decline in the rate of smartphone demand from all around the world. That is not for a lack of smartphone companies to meet the demands on ground, but partly because the market is now getting so saturated, penetration is almost at a standstill. However, the top manufacturers … Read more

iMovies Gets Green Screen Support Feature

iMovies, Apple’s video editing application, has not ceased to impress and improve since its debut in 2010, though a lot of major features have been intermittent only in recent years. The latest version (2.2.7) of the advanced video editing app, able to edit 4k footage without stuttering (and it’s free), has added a feature “The … Read more

Apple introduces multi-cam feature in iOS 13

Apple is introducing the multi-cam support which would allow apps to take photos, video, audio, metadata, and depth from multiple microphones and Cameras on a single iPhone or iPad. This is part of the feature set that we are expecting with the iOS 13, and we are excited to have it. Multi-cam support has already … Read more