Best Commercial Spin Bikes Review

This article describes the difference between the spin and exercise bike and how they work. A spin bike is one of the three types of exercise bikes. These bikes provide a different bike riding experience and offer advantages as well as a disadvantage when they are compared with each other. By using the three types … Read more

10 Reasons to consider Vinyl Music Listening

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What is the Pico Projector and How to Choose One?

Also, know as mobile or handheld projectors, pico projectors are small devices that are used to project images from devices such as tablets, camera, smartphones, and notebooks onto a wall or any other flat and clear surface. These devices are very small, thus, easy to carry, but still take up the role of the traditional … Read more

How Accurate are Fitness Trackers

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Traveling Technology: Wheelchairs Making Travel Possible

“Accessible travel” is possible because of the latest technology for people with disabilities or illnesses that restrict them to a wheelchair. Wheelchairs no longer restrict people from experiencing life outside their home and seeing far away places. The evolution is not only because of people’s want to adventure, but the travel industry is also meeting new demands. Gadgets … Read more

Best Multi-Purpose Tactical Flashlights in 2019

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