Why Internet Safety Is Important in College - Useful Tips

Why Internet Safety Is Important in College: Useful Tips

The internet, as great as it is, comes with a slew of risks. As a university student, you’ll utilize the internet regularly for research work, assignment submission, grade tracking, and Netflix binge. You must surf the internet as securely as possible. University students are a common target. Polytechnics and universities are popular targets for cybercriminals. … Read more

Top 7 Reasons to go to the Movies

Top 7 Reasons to go to the Movies

7 Reasons to go to the Movies There are a variety of ways to see movies these days without having to go to the movie theatre. There is the option of curling in bed with comfy clothes and doing the “Netflix and chill thing” or downloading/streaming a movie online. Why then do we still go … Read more

Facebook is changing the way they rank comments

From last month, Facebook has been touting some major overhauls for what is the largest social media platform on the internet right now, and it seems we are getting to see some of these changes already. Comments on the social media network have always been ranked to an extent, but they are bringing in new … Read more

How Do I Make My WiFi Faster?

Let’s face it. You’re asking this question, “how do I make my WiFi faster?” because right now, your router is unbearably slow. You’ve had enough. And you are ready to throw the damn thing away. Right? Wrong move. Wait a minute. Take a deep breath. Sit back and read through this piece before you do … Read more

Tools That Will Help You Shop Smarter on Amazon

We all love online shopping and of course, Amazon is one of our favourites. Thousands of buyers can recollect the wonderful experience they have had while Amazon shopping and a hundred others started their online shopping spree on the store. But most of us are buying products in a run-of-the-mill manner without using robust tools. … Read more

SEO search engine optimization

Top 20 Digital Marketing and SEO Blogs You Should Follow

Today, when the attention span of every human is decreasing, a proper application of SEO and good content can boost the rank of a website. SEO consists of all the methods applied to get your site, and its contents rank higher on platforms like Google. Lots of things contribute to being on the first page … Read more

A Guide to Choosing a Good IPTV Service Provider

Modern people are busy that don’t have time to wait for days to watch a movie or a TV show. That’s why more and more people in Nigeria and around the world are interested in using IPTV – internet Protocol TV. In this way, they don’t have to wait for the airing schedule set by … Read more

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online (With Tips)

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the proven ways you can make money online. Making money online is not a quick rich scheme. Most people who have made big amounts of money online have been tactical. Of course, some of them were in for a big surprise when their efforts far exceeded their expectations. … Read more

What Is a CIO and Do You Need One?

CIO stands for chief information officer, and it’s usually a role at an enterprise-level organization. The CIO of a company is someone who’s in charge of developing and implementing the overall information technology or IT strategy. For example, the CIO will work on implementing scalable hardware and cloud-based assets and managing the IT infrastructure with … Read more