Cellebrite develops a new hacking tool for all iPads and iPhones

Apple is so successful a company, they have made a claim to having no less than 1.4 billion iPhones and iPads all around the world. While that is an impressive count, it might be time to start getting scared for anyone holding an iOS device in their hands. After all, Cellebrite is claiming to have … Read more

OnePlus users suffer data breach via the ‘Shot on OnePlus’ app

OnePlus has made a name for itself in developing flagship devices at a fraction of the price that other OEMs sell their units for. However, it seems that they have not been as keen when it comes to the security of their users. The flaw in question is a result of using the ‘Shot on … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Fold issues don’t look to be coming to an end soon

Samsung has been making waves with the launch of their Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus and S10 5G, and they are sure to blow us away with the arrangement of their Note 10 units which are expected to hit the market soon. While all of these units will pose the perfect competition to what is … Read more

Alleged renders of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro leaks today

Huawei might not be having the time of its life in the Android market right now, but it seems that is not stopping the company from moving forward with the manufacture of what is supposed to be their new flagship. Following the Mate 20 Pro, it is just natural that this be dubbed the Mate … Read more

Samsung to be the biggest winner of the US-China trade war

With every passing year, there has been a decline in the rate of smartphone demand from all around the world. That is not for a lack of smartphone companies to meet the demands on ground, but partly because the market is now getting so saturated, penetration is almost at a standstill. However, the top manufacturers … Read more

Xiaomi might be the First Phone with the Record 64MP Camera Sensor

Samsung would never cease to amaze as they made the announcement of a phone camera sensor with a record-shattering resolution of 64MP, which is a major upgrade to the common 48MP most phones have these days. But, more pixels doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better picture, because they are made tinier to fit the count and … Read more