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How Plagiarism Checkers are Impacting Academic Writing?

How Plagiarism Checkers are Impacting Academic Writing

Plagiarism is a dangerous road, especially when writing your university essays. Professors use plagiarism tools to check for any instant copying from the internet. When found guilty, it causes you to have lower grades or exposes you to suspension or expulsion.

Do yourself a favor by having the right tools to check your work before submission. They save you a lot of trouble by identifying issues and giving you solutions in each way listed below.

How Plagiarism Checkers are Impacting Academic Writing
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Going through online resources

You find it easy to obtain resources from the internet about anything and everything. It prompts you to copy directly or paraphrase a writer’s work in your essay to achieve good results. But plagiarism checkers unravel this trick by exposing the intellectual properties of other writers in your writings.

Different tools use AI to detect any instance of plagiarism in your work. The work goes through a series of scans that lead to the automatic detection of any related hitches. You cannot evade them even when using a text-modification tool due to its intelligent detection abilities.

A very advanced tool that we need to mention here is EduBirdie’s plagiarism checker. If you doubt your work to be plagiarized, whether you have written it yourself or used an external writing service, check it for plagiarism at EduBirdie. Its algorithms are unmatched by any other tool in its category and are widely used by web content writers, academic writers, and other content experts. College students are often found in a tricky situation regarding their essays, thesis, or dissertations, but that is a thing of the past with this tool.

Uncovering internal databases

Sometimes it is hard to keep trying to make your academic work unique, especially with new content. It tempts you to duplicate content from online resources to make your work like the original writer’s. Online plagiarism checkers unravel this using stylometry.

It compares your work to that of the source and distinguishes each of your unique writing styles. Every paragraph, sentence, and word goes through analysis, and the tool makes an elaborate conclusion. They group the many texts on website pages according to their similarities while comparing the content to your work and unleashing copied parts.

How Plagiarism Checkers are Impacting Academic Writing
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Checking every text-based file formats

The submission of assignments is through different file formats depending on your lecturer’s choice and the type of work. It is necessary to choose a plagiarism checker supporting a PDF, DOC, or DOCX file format. Check on the user guide to discover whether they support them before using the tool.

It saves you time and makes it easier for the tool to translate the work through sentiment analysis. It then summarizes the contents and interprets them through their natural language processing system. In the end, it identifies copied sentences through an intelligent evaluation.

Providing instant and accurate results

In certain instances, you find yourself rushing at the last minute to do academic writing and meet the deadline for submission. In this case, you are prone to copy work and not realize it unless you use a plagiarism checker. Once you upload a file on its website, it immediately checks for hitches and presents faulty plagiarism points.

Finding the best tool is significant in such situations to save your academic reputation and future. Pick one using advanced machine learning that scans your results and predicts future models using content databases.

Preventing external sources from accessing your files

Safety is crucial when you ensure people give you credit for the exemplary work done. The best plagiarism tools do not expose content shared on their site to third-party users. You would not want to submit an essay only to find out your classmate has the same work as you do.

They use a data encryption system to ensure your work is free from exposure to the public. It detects duplicate trends through a technique that uses an approximate string-matching pattern to ensure content does not leave the site without your consent.


Academic writing is crucial in determining your end goals in school and overall grades. Professors demand that your essays and assignments be unique despite referring to similar online sources. To achieve this, you need to use plagiarism checkers to help you correct instances of content duplication using the above features. Ensure you do this before submitting your work to avoid being on the wrong side of school rules and regulations.

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