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Top 7 Reasons to go to the Movies

7 Reasons to go to the Movies

There are a variety of ways to see movies these days without having to go to the movie theatre. There is the option of curling in bed with comfy clothes and doing the “Netflix and chill thing” or downloading/streaming a movie online.

Why then do we still go to the movie theatre as often as we do?

A lot of persons would argue that going to the movies is a waste of money because before the end of the month the movie would have been available for download on the internet.

I disagree.

The experience gotten from seeing a movie in a theatre is not the same as the experience gotten from seeing that same movie in the comfort of your home with friends or family. No matter the genre of movie, whether it is a romantic, comedy, action or scary movie, the ambience in a movie theatre is hard to replicate.

Here are some valid reasons why you shouldn’t slack on going to the movies:

1. Avoid spoilers: It can be very annoying to actually know all that happened in your favorite blockbuster movie before seeing it, especially when you had to wait a very long time for the release of that movie. The cinema is the first place where block buster movies are shown before they are available for download on the internet. If you miss the showing in the movie theatre, then be ready to hear all that happened in that movie from all your friends who have already seen it.

2. Be part of the conversation: When a new movie comes to the cinema, everyone goes crazy about it, everyone starts talking about it. It becomes a very hot topic on all social media platforms; sometimes, twitter users go as far as starting a thread on the movie. You might have been familiar with the “hash tag” avenger endgame and Black Panther that trended on twitter during the first few weeks of their respective showings in respective cinemas. To become part of the latest pop culture conversation with your friends, you would have to leave the comfort of your home to go see the latest movies. I am sure you don’t want to be the one that has nothing to say when you hang-out with your friends; because, trust me! They would definitely talk about the movie half the time.

3. Your home theatre is not that good: There are just some movie scenes you have to see on a big screen to fully appreciate. Scenes as intriguing as the skyscraper climb scene in mission: impossible – ghost protocol have to be on very big screens in order to wow you. More often than not, your home theatre won’t be able to give you that feeling.

4. Support the type of movies you love and more of them will be made: The movie making business is really large and fast growing. Opportunities need to be given to upcoming movie studios and movie producers. Therefore, the movies that stay in the box office depend on the box office ratings which in turn depend on consumer’s patronage; which is measured by how many tickets are sold in the cinema. So, vote with your money! You can’t claim to be a die-hard marvel fan and never go to the movies for their sake. What if everyone was like you and decided to stay home till the movies were available for download. Do you think marvel studios would continue making those movies you love so much? Considering that no one ever goes to the cinema to see those movies.

5. Movies are made to be seen in cinemas: Great movies like the romantic movie; “Titanic” will always be breathtaking and fill you with lots of emotions no matter where and when you see it. But this doesn’t change the fact that film makers envision their movies to be viewed in a dark theater, on that gigantic screen where there is no pause button thus, making it easier to immerse yourself in their movie; to experience the greatness in their work.

6. Togetherness: The mere fact of been in a room filled with people that love that movie so much they couldn’t wait for it to be out on download is a good reason to go to the movies. Enjoying the movie together and sharing experiences by way of laughter, tears or gestures of fear is a definite plus for going to the movies; Going with family and friends help to build a long-lasting bond. No wonder a lot of couples go to the movies every now and then. You want to create a romantic situation for you and your partner but you don’t have money to rent out an exquisite suit with lots of wine and flowers? Then, going to the movies is the next best thing. Just pick a great movie you both really love.

7. Food options are way better: Where are my food lovers at! Cinemas now provide a lot more than the conventional popcorn and soda. They now have lot of food options ranging from ice-cream to small chops, cakes, pizza, fries and lots more. But who really cares about food when you are about to be wowed by that blockbuster movie? Me!

Also, going to the movies is a perfect excuse to get away from work and its high levels of stress. Work can be very tasking and stressful sometimes and you may not have long hours to party at night because you have to be at work the next day and the option of partying during weekends won’t just work because you are always engaged with house chores and other personal errands. How do you then relax and keep sane? Go to the movies!

It doesn’t take more than 3hrs to go see a movie and get back. You can decide to opt for a late night movie. You would be glad you did!