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5 Reasons Why Essay Writing is Difficult for Students

Essay Writing Difficulty

Essay writing can be somewhat challenging and difficult due to the fact that it requires mental processing and ability to put words together in a coherent and comprehensible manner. Many students may not be very proficient when it comes to the art of writing essays and the ability of students when it comes to writing differs from one student to the other. Depending on some number of factors, some students may find it easier to write essays than others. There are a number of reasons why it may be challenging for students to write essays. Regardless of whether students find essay writing easy or not, it is something they may most likely not be able to avoid completely, at one point or the other you as a student may have to write an essay. But firstly, what are the factors that are contributing to the difficulties that students have when it comes to essay writing? Points in this article may point to some reasons why students find essay writing difficult.  Maybe by considering some of these factors it may be possible for students to see how they can improve and get themselves to have a better experience with essay writing.

5 Reasons Why Essay Writing is Difficult for Students
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1. Essay Topics

It is possible that in some situations, the topic for the essay to write may not be given exactly and then trying to get a topic for your essay may be somewhat difficult and you may not know what particular way to really coin your topic, this may constitute a kind of challenge to students when it comes to essay writing, especially if the topic is not given. But there are ideas online that students can use and you can make do with, if you know the area of interest or focus that you are to write on, you may just go online and check some sites that have suggested topics and ideas on topics that you could use for your essay this could be a good help for students that have essays to write. Once you are able to get a good topic for your essay, then at least the first part of the problem is solved, and it gives your essay direction and focus but getting a topic in the first place is important. The internet is a very resourceful tool that can be very helpful and so it should to a good extent be useful to reduce the difficulty in getting a topic idea for your essay.

5 Reasons Why Essay Writing is Difficult for Students
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2. Where to begin the essay

Knowing exactly where to start an essay could be a problem for students who are to write essays. If it happens to be a classroom situation where you are supposed to write the essay or probably while taking an examination or a test, then you know that you have to just quickly think of something and know how to begin your essay. In the instance that you have a number of essay topics to choose from, then it is better to choose the essay topic that you can better relate to – a topic that you have ideas on so that you will be able to better kick-start the essay and express yourself. How can you start an essay in an interesting and engaging manner? If it is a topic that you are not very familiar with, then navigating your mind for ideas on the essay may be somewhat difficult. Instead of getting stuck on how to start your essay, what to write and how to begin, why don’t you start with the idea that is on your mind already and probably from there you may be able to figure out how to properly put your essay. So, starts with what’s on your mind.

3. Word count and ideas

Another area where challenge may occur for students when writing essay is being able to meet up with the word count. If there is a word count gauge or limit for the work, then the student has to make sure that the write up is up to that word count and so that he or she will be able to get the desired scoring in that regards. This means that the student must be able to develop his points and ideas in meaningful ways so as to be able to meet up with the word count, he cannot just put rubbish in the essay or in the article just to make up for words. The words must be meaningful to a good extent. Developing points especially on a topic that you may not be so familiar with can be somewhat difficult and this is something that could constitute a challenge to students.

4. Training

If students are not properly trained in essay writing and the principles that involved, teaching them the tips and the principles, if students are not well trained in the practice of essay writing, then such students may have more difficulty in writing essays than students who are put through l. So, teachers should endeavor to imbibe into students the principles and practice of essay writing as early as possible so that they can find it easier with time and be able to put out better content as they get better. Teachers concerned with essay writing can even decide to engage the students regularly in essay writing so that students can learn and get better.

5. Expression Using Language

If a student does not have a good handle on the language that he or she is using to write an essay, the student may find it difficult to really be able to put words together in essays. Language teachers are to endeavor to teach students to be proficient in the use of the language. This will make it easier for students to be able to express themselves in the language. What will you expect from a student who does not have good mastery of a language if he or she is to express himself or herself?

Essay writing will continue to be an important part of academic learning and that is why it is important that every student does his best to be good at essay writing. If you are very good at expressing yourself in writing then it is to your own benefit, and you could well use it eventually for your own personal purpose. For example, if you have to give a speech, the best might be that you write the speech yourself, if you are proficient, then you will be capable of doing that instead of getting someone else to write it for you. The person writing on your behalf in the instance of having to prepare a speech may not be able to present your ideas the exact you would have it presented. Therefore, it is important to develop essay writing skills as a student to be able to do well in your essay writings in school and also for future purposes. Teachers should do all they can to help the students to be well acquainted and familiarized with essay writing as much as possible, students can be given essay writing tasks oftener while in high school so that as they advance, they won’t find it difficult.