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15 Research Paper Topics for Medicinal Plants

Research Paper Topics for Medicinal Plants

A medicinal plant is a plant that is used with the intention of maintaining health, to be administered for a specific condition, or both, whether in modern medicine or in traditional medicine. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimated in 2002 that over 50,000 medicinal plants are used across the world.

Here are 15 Top Innovative Research Topics in the field of Medicinal Plants

S/N Medicinal Plants Topics
1. Understanding the Innovative Cultivation of Hydroponics of medicinal plants in the closed-type cultivation facilities
2. Detailed Guide on Developing Garden-Found Medicinal plants Medications
3. Development of Dietary from Medicinal Supplements from Medicinal Plants
4. Innovative Extraction Tools for Medicinal Plant Research; Micro-Assisted Extraction
5. Green Energy Technology Innovative Extraction Methods for the Extraction of Medicinal Plants in Nigeria
6. Constructing Sociotechnical Transitions Toward Sustainable Agriculture: Lessons from Ecological Production of Medicinal Plants in Northern Nigeria
7. A Review of Medicinal Plants Diversity in Nigeria and Their Future Prospects
8. Production of Herbal and Medicinal Plant: An Innovative Effort Towards Sustainable Development (A Case Study of Nigeria)
9. Vitro Nitric Oxide Scavenging Activity of Methanol Extracts of Four Bangladeshi Medicinal Plants
10. Review of Sadhana Kalpana (Biomedical Fermentation): An advanced innovative dosage form of Ayurveda
11. A Study of the Diversity of Mauritius and Antimicrobial Evaluation: A Case Study of Lomatophyllum Species in Lagos Island
12. Innovative Subtracted Diversity Array (SDA) for Fingerprinting Species of Medicinal Plants
13. Review of Commercially Relevant African Medicinal Plants
14. Economically and environmentally innovative methods for the Extraction of medicinal in Nigeria
15. Innovative Technologies for Encapsulation of Mediterranean Plants extracts