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40 Accounting Research Paper Topics

Accounting Research Paper Topics

S/N Public Sector Accounting Topics
1. The implementation of social accountability in the public sector (A case study of XYZ)
2. Auditing as a control mechanism for the efficiency of public sector accounting report
3. The transparency and viability of the policy and quality assurance department in oil companies
4. Implementation of the international public sector accounting standards board in university system
5. Impact of the usage of accounting software on the transparency of public sector
6. The role of audit committee in Enhancing accountability for the use of public sector resources
7. The role of auditing in public sector governance transparency (A case study of federal government allocations in XYZ)
8. The impact of performance audit in public cooperation
9. Problem and prospect of digitalization of public sector accounting in XYZ
10. The role of auditors in scrutinizing public expenditure on education
11. The relationship between public sector expenditure accounting and infrastructural development
12. A study of the limitations of forensic accounting in public sector
13. The role of financial control institutions in promoting financial accountability in the public sector
14. The factors affecting forensic accounting education in public universities
15. Audit independence and accountability mechanism in the public sector (A case study of IRS)


S/N Business Accounting Topics
1. The impact of firm characteristics in selection of accounting software
2. The relevance of cost accounting in planning and budgeting of multinational cooperation
3. The role of accounting information in business forecasting and budgetary practice
4. Application of accounting standards in critical business process of financial conglomerates
5. Problem and prospect of accounting software application in small business management
6. Role of data quality management in accounting information system
7. Significance of accounting information system in firm’s financial performance
8. Relationship between accounting information system and firm size, leverage and profitability
9. The contribution of data quality and internal control to financial performance of firms
10. A comparative investigation of the impact of accounting information systems on firm performance between public and private firms
11. Examination of the fundamental roles of accounting software systems in local business
12. Investigating the impact of accounting information system on the profitability of listed insurance companies
13. Effectiveness of accounting information systems on operational performance in listed industrial companies
14. Contingent dynamics of accounting software strategic alignment in small & medium sized enterprises
15. Accounting standards and the organizational absorptive capacity in SMEs
16. Comparative study of the problem and prospect of managerial accounting standards in public and private companies
17. Inventory management practice of non-governmental organization
18. Role of accountant in determining performance measurements in small scale business
19. Role of auditors in scrutinizing corporate social responsibility disclosure and accounting information
20. The relationship between effective accounting system and competitive advantage of commercial banks
21. An examination of the critical success factors of accounting information system (AIS) in nonprofit organizations
22. Problem and prospect of accounting information systems alignment in SMEs performance
23. Role of cooperate governance in implementation of accounting standards in listed conglomerates
24. Application of accounting technology in the informal sector
25. The impact of investment in accounting information systems on business performance